Hot Vietnamese Girls Inclination Towards Western Relationships – An Insight

Have you always wondered how the average Westerners landed hot Vietnamese girls? Curious about why these girls seemed to be interested in dating Europeans and Americans? No longer is it about the all-mighty American dollar buying a submissive Asian wife. Relations between cultures have been changing and a lot of it has to do with the way Asian women perceive Western cultures, lifestyles, and marriage and living.

Globalization and the media have helped in the rise of the growing trend of transnational relationships and marriage to the point where it has become a growing trend throughout Asia. In Vietnam, particularly, “marrying a foreigner” is a common phrase.

A lot of it has more to do with women wanting a more Western type of relationship than the traditional ones of their own culture.

Our research shows three main reasons why hot Vietnamese women prefer Western Relationships and the benefits they get from them including living a western lifestyle, freedom from traditional family value, and creating a new environment for their offspring.

hot Vietnamese girls

Living a Western Lifestyle

In a culture that is one of the most patriarchal on the globe, it is easy to understand why the Vietnamese girl might seek the independence and equality that is associated with Western relationships and lifestyles.

For centuries, there has been a subservient conception placed upon the Asian female, and as the rise of the Western woman’s independence and popularity of this independence grows, it is a highly sought-after trait that Vietnamese women look for in Vietnam dating that they may not be finding dating within their own culture. The confidence and freedom in western men attract many Asian girls.

Sexism is still an integral element in Vietnam. So, while the stigmas of Asian dating Westerners may still hang in the air, the reality in the new millenium is that your  Vietnamese lady is seeking a gentleman that will treat her with equality and as an independent woman not just a title “girlfriend” or “wife”.

Vietnam dating

Freedom from Traditional Family Systems

Family life and traditions are also an integral part of Asian culture. It is not uncommon for several generations to live together and this can make Viet dating, especially outside of one’s own culture more challenging. Even though in modern society most people do not live together with their parents and grandparents, the family connection is way closer than that in western culture. Sometimes it is a good thing, you can feel the warmth of the family which gives you the sense of belonging. Other times it is overwhelming.

These  Asian girls who are seeking a more independent lifestyle may find that hard to accomplish living with her parents and grandparents. Seeking a life where she is the mistress of her own home and away from the cultural stigma that all Asian families cohabitate under has become a major influential marker for Vietnamsingle women to seek the attention of Westerners.

This isn’t to say that their family will not always be important, and Western men can still expect to have to get the family’s approval. Asian families still place a lot of value on a potential mate being able to provide for the family including sometimes, the extended families.

Creating a new environment for their offspring

The traditional lifestyle and society are not some Asian women’s favorite.  These independent and smart young women work with effort to provide a brand new environment for their children in the future to grow up in. They believe that people living in western world have more freedom doing what makes them happy and pursuing what they want in lives. This makes the Asian women admire the value system in western world. Men with confidence are very likely to win their hearts.

Dating a western man is the most direct way to fitting in their society and culture. No wonder many smart hot Vietnamese girls date western men.

As independent as they already are,  if you want to propose to your Vietnamese girlfriend, winning the family over and giving them something to brag about with other families will still be essential. Most Asian girls while wanting to move out of the communal living situation still want to prove a successful relationship to their family and loved ones in their community.

This does not mean a showering of wealth, a joint-income family where the husband and wife work as partners together to provide for each other and their children in a very Western conception is also considered something to be proud of among Asian families too.


The largest obstacle between Asian relations with Western cultures have been the long-time standing stereotypes of these kinds of relationships.  (Westerners dating Asian women for their quiet, pleasing demeanor longing to fulfill your desires, and Asian women simply chasing the American dollar). These have long time been portrayed in media and film as how Western-Asian relationships worked.

However, as times change, so are the misconceptions between the two cultures and their dating purposes. Yes, some Asian women seek Westerners for money, but this is true in many cultures. Mostly, though, the attraction for most Asian women dating European, Australian, and American men come from the desire to have a modern, independent and equal partnership, and to establish a relationship, marriage and home away from the multi-generational co-habitation that has been the norm in their culture for centuries.