impress Chinese girls

How can foreigner impress Chinese girls?

Many foreigners have no idea how to impress Chinese girls. But the truth is: the mere fact that you’re a foreigner is already impressive to a Chinese girl.

Just think about: there are literally millions of Chinese sexy women seeking men on dating websites, and if a foreigner picks some Chinese girl, she will feel on top of the world.

And it doesn’t even matter how you look. Meaning: you don’t have to look like Ryan Gosling to get a date with a Chinese beauty. But in no way does it mean that you can look all dirty and messy and you can still get a Chinese girl. No.

meet Chinese friendsYou still need to have a presentable and well-groomed look, since no girl in the world wants to date a slob.

Nowadays, Chinese travel agencies offer all kinds of traveling deals that let you travel to China and meet Asian girls. But let’s imagine this: let’s say you came to China and you really, really like this one girl you met on the street.

But when you approach her, it turns out she speaks no English whatsoever. A huge disappointment and a ruined day, right? Or let’s say you approach a girl and turns out she has a boyfriend. Again, a huge disappointment.

Although you can still meet Chinese friends during such trips to China, in order to find a Chinese girl for dating or marriage, it’s best to sign up on online dating websites. In such a way, the fact that you’re a foreigner will be a big motivation for a Chinese woman to learn the English language.

In order to truly impress a Chinese girl, in addition to an online dating website, sign up on QQ, which is China’s equivalent of Facebook. Just the fact that you have QQ makes you look much more attractive in the eyes of sexy Chines women.

If you compare a Chinese date and a date between a Western guy and girl, you’ll probably notice one similarity: both Chinese and Western guys talk A LOT about themselves and don’t pay enough attention to their date.

But Chinese women require attention and want their boyfriend to be a good listener. And since you’re a foreigner, she wants to share Chinese culture and tradition with you while hear you sharing about the Western world.

Never mention such topics as: problems in your life, politics and sports and never go crazy about such topics as how you make money, what car you own, how many houses you own, what’s your education, yada yada yada. Nobody wants to hear you talking about it for hours or worse, bragging about it.

Chinese beautyShe’ll surely appreciate that you have all those things, but there is no need to make a whole show out of it. Instead, focus on her: ask her about her interests, culture and plans for the future. Moreover, be genuinely curious when asking her to share her fears, hopes and wishes with you.

In no way should you not take serious the things she says or look bored while she’s talking. It’s a major turn off to have a guy sit next to you and ask you questions just out of politeness. If you ask something, do yourself (and her) a favor: listen to every word she says!

And that’s what will make you stand out from the crowd, as this girl has probably had dozens of dates with other men, and chances are pretty high that none of them was a good listener. That’s because she’s still single!

So don’t blow your chance with a sexy Chinese girl you’ve met on online dating website and do the right thing: really listen to her.