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How can you differentiate a friend from a crush?

The world is filled with billions of people and within your vicinity you may have tens or hundreds of them but out of this lot it is only a few that you will pick out to be your friends for different reasons. Asian brides are one of the best people to make your friends because of their endearing qualities which have a signature of Asian communal lifestyle.

Asian bridesFinding Chinese and Japanese women your soul will connect with may be a tedious and time consuming endeavor but when you finally find that person who resonates at the same wavelength with you, there is a kind of joy and fulfillment it brings and you won’t even realize when you make them an integral part of your life.

Friendship is so unique that there is no restriction on age or gender or race that accompanies it. However, there is a thin line separating friendship from intimate relationship. There have been cases where western men have been attracted to Chinese girls photo on social media platforms and began chatting with them till they became friends but all too sudden, they begin to realize that they want more than friendship. This is an awkward situation to find yourself but sadly, it happens very frequently. The guy in question may not want to open up to you for fear of hurting you feeling and losing your friendship but there are subtle signs that will always tell you that your guy wants something more and they have been highlighted below.

1. He becomes nervous when you suddenly show up

It is true that the sigh of a beautiful Chinese girl can make a man lose his focus but this is different when you are the friend to a guy. He will simply excited and show it with a smile or something else. When your friend begins to crush on you, the reaction is different. Rather than being excited alone, he will become nervous when you show up without informing him. You may notice sweat bubbles on his foreheads or find his palms sweaty. In general, you will notice that he is no longer acting like his usual self.

2. You always catch him staring at you

When a guy is crushing on you, he would naturally become jealous. If it was possible, he would not mind mounting a camera on you to follow your actions, who you talk to and where you go. When you are in a venue together, you will always catch him staring at you every time you look towards his direction.

3. He does you almost any favor you ask of him

Chinese girls photoNo doubt, friends can be there for you through thick and thin but it may be hard to find a friend that will agree to put themselves at a disadvantage to please you at all times except he is seriously crushing on you. They will agree to do you any favor, all it would cost you is to ask.

4. He wants you to hangout more with him

When your friend suddenly wants you to be with him at all times rather than a few weeks every day, then you need to start suspecting his intentions. He will also begin to pay you more surprise visits than he normally does. Besides hanging out more frequently with you, he will show a mild irritation on his face when you talk about other guys.

For girls on Chinese mail order brides, the most important pointer they will use to know that their friend is now crushing on them is when they are always initiating chats and spending more time online with them.