Chinese mail order brides

How to identify fake online profiles when dating Chinese women

Online dating has been plagued by fake profiles of Chinese women for a very long time. There are women that post pictures of who they are not; even more serious are some men often pose as women to hoodwink unsuspecting victims. Many online dating websites are taking steps to eradicate this trend but the threat is far from over. Fake profile handlers are deriving new technique to hamper the increasing security of dating websites. However, there are simple tips that can help you pick out the fake profiles from the genuine ones.

Asian girls1. Request for pictures at odd times
If you suspect that the profile of Asian girls are not genuine, the easiest way to clarify this is to request for random pictures when she least expects and give her a short period to send it. Many Chinese online dating sites have a chat platform that allows the dating partners to share pictures and sometimes videos. Ask her in the morning to send her picture. The idea of giving her little time to send you the picture is so that she wouldn’t have much time to ‘doctor’ the picture. Compare all the pictures she sends to you to see if there is any difference in the personalities.

2. Ask her things you have asked her before
When you meet Chinese women online, don’t immediately fall for them till you are fully sure that they are who they claim to be. When people are lying, they easily forget what they have said and there is a probability that you are not the only one she is lying to. Go back to things both of you have discussed before and repeat the questions. If she is faking the profile, her answers will not correspond to what she has said earlier.

3. Irregular responses during chat
The first thing you would notice when you are on Chinese dating website is that the responses that you would get from the ‘lady’ when you attempt to initiate a chat would be irregular or senseless. Once you begin to get this kind of feedback, thread with caution to avoid exposing yourself to too much harm.

4. Be careful of those that display only pictures of models
If you find a Chinese bride that only has pictures of models on their profile, don’t be carried away. This is the most popular gimmick fake profiles use to attract attention. Hot Chinese women who are serious about finding a foreigner to date online would prefer to display their pictures rather than using pictures of somebody else. Very popular people rarely sign up for online dating because of the much attention that would be on them.

meet Chinese women online5. They don’t have a clue to popular Chinese traditions
If there is one thing that hot Chinese women learn at a tender age, it is the culture of the land because their actions are bound by it. If you are aiming to Chinese girl marriage, you should know the marriage customs. Ask your online date if she to tell you about some of the marriage customs and if she cannot mention them, the profile must be fake.

6. Scanty profile
Fake profiles of girls on Chinese mail order brides are usually very scanty. Many of the sections that are meant to tell a thing or two about them are usually left scanty. Treat every incomplete dating profile with caution to be on the safe side. A majority of the fake profiles will only fill out the sections that are mandatory while the rest of the spaces are left blank.