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How to Learn to Trust Women Again After Being Hurt

It hurts when you get your heart broken. Regardless of the kind of women you like to date—Chinese women, pretty Chinese girls, or anyone else—getting hurt is painful. When a woman hurts you, you may develop trust issues toward women in general. It can be hard to move on, but below are ten things you can do to get past the trust issues and heal yourself.single women searching

  1. Don’t Blame Yourself
    Just remember that you did nothing wrong. Although it might seem very personal, try to remember that this is just how she is and she probably would have done this to anyone.
  2. Give Yourself Healing Time
    If you injured yourself playing football, you wouldn’t run right back out on the field, right? Then why would you want to jump right back into a relationship when you are already hurt and need time to heal? Being in a relationship while you are still hurt is unfair to both of you. So, instead of hitting the dating sites looking at sexy photos of Chinese girls to find Chinese women for dating, give yourself time to get over the hurt first.
  3. Picture Being Alone
    You might decide you never want a relationship again or try to push people away through promiscuity. Whatever the case, imagine what it would be like to never love or trust a woman again. Think of what you really want: would you rather sit at home viewing sexy Chinese girls pictures for the rest of your life, or would you rather have someone to love and who loves you?
  4. Believe Someone is Out There for You.Chinese women for dating
    There are many single women searching out there, but you will never find someone you can trust and love if you don’t believe she exists. If you believe all women are deceitful, that is the kind of women you will attract. You must believe that a loving woman is out there and that you will find her.
  5. Work on Yourself
    While you are healing, this is a good time to improve things about yourself that will make you more attractive to women when you are ready to date again. Women are attracted to self-confidence, so that is a good place to start.
  6. Know or Meet Trustworthy Women
    It will be easier to restore your trust in women if you already have trustworthy women in your life: your mother, an aunt, a sister, a friend, or a coworker. If you can’t think of anyone, seek someone out at work or in other walks of life.
  7. Know What You Want
    Once you are starting to heal and are thinking about the dating scene again, you should develop a clear idea of what you want. If you want to date a Chinese woman, for example, then you can narrow your search to where you might find your sexy China woman, possibly online sites where you can see sexy Chinese girl pics. Not having a sense of who you are looking for can lead you right back to heartbreak.
  8. Ask (and Listen to) Questions
    When you do start dating again, ask questions about her values, beliefs, and ideals. Don’t commit to anything unless you are sure that you and she are on the same page with these things.
  9. Trust Yourself First
    Embody the qualities you are looking for in a woman, and you are more likely to attract her. If you want a trustworthy partner, then be trustworthy yourself.
  10. Let Successful Relationships Inspire You
    Observe relationships in which both people are happy. Especially look at couples who have been happily together for 10, 20, 30+ years. Reassure yourself that it is possible to be happy with someone the way these people are.pretty Chinese girls