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How To Make Her Love You More After A Fight?

There’s a saying that if you two don’t fight, you’re not real couples at all. A fight in a relationship is pretty normal and sometimes it can be benefit to your relationship, but at first, you should know how to make peace after a fight. That’s not something easy to do, especially when you date with a Chinese girl.

Chinese women are introverted, as we all know. So if there’s a problem in your relationship, Chinese girls may choose to be silent. Then you wouldn’t know what’s wrong and the problem can’t be solved, which would be a hidden danger to your relationship.  So quarreling is necessary. However, the fact is during a fight, we would be so excited that say something that we don’t mean to, and everything would be out of control.  It’s hard to make a peace after a big fight, but there’re several ways that can help you with that.

Chinese girl hotSex

Of course, it’s the best way to solve the problem and it’s literally the quickest way. Do you hear anger sex before? There’re lots of researches saying that sex after a big fight is the best sex ever.

Expect this, you’ll find it’s truly useful to bring you two close again, after feeling not so close. During the argument, you and your girlfriend’s emotions are running high and you both need something to vent. Sex is a perfect way to calm you down.

Nowadays, Chinese working girls are under huge pressure. They got heavy work to do outside and have to do housework at home. So she may have an argument with you when she can’t feel your understanding and caring. Sex can release the pressure of her as well. Anyways, make her happy, you know.

And that, sex after a fight makes your Chinese girl hot.


hot Chinese girlEverybody knows that we should apologize when we’re wrong, but in a relationship we just can’t do it. Why? Perhaps it’s because that you can’t figure out who is undoubted wrong. But trust me, girls don’t really want to know the truth, they just need an apology! So forget about who’s right and who’s wrong, always apologize first after a fight. She may not say out but she will appreciate your concession.

Oh, and never say “but” after your “I’m sorry…” Remember, NEVER!

Give her a cool off time

For some mature Chinese girls, you may find that there would be fewer fights but harder to make it up after fighting. For they won’t be angry with your checking other hot Chinese girls pics, or have another Chinese girls Skype. They are more tolerant and harder to please. If you are dating a Chinese girl like that, don’t rush to reconcile with her, you need to give her sometime to cool off. One to two days, when she calm down, send her a warm message to apologize and tell her that you miss her so much. Your words should be sweet but sincere.

mature Chinese girlsBut you should know every fight with a hot Chinese girl who’s mature enough shakes your relationship. So during this cool off period, you should figure out what’s bad did you do and how to solve the problem permanently. Don’t think that she forgave you and everything is okay now. Improve your relationship and develop into higher level is what’s urgent to do.

There’re other ways to make a peace after your fight. Sometimes you should learn from your partner and your relationship. Every couples have their own story, just don’t ruin it yourself. Wish you all have a better time with your love.