How to Make Your Girlfriend Stop Being Jealous?

Jealousy is a perfectly natural thing in every romantic relationship. It often happens that people get jealous for no reason or they make fuss over situations.

The absurd thing is that a Chinese single woman can even get jealous over her friends while not being in a romantic relationship with them.

Jealousy is pretty widespread among Chinese women, and knowing how to deal with a jealous Chinese girlfriend can help maintain a healthy relationship long-term.

Understanding jealousy: Why is she jealous?dating Chinese woman

The problem with jealousy when dating Chinese woman is that even a Chinese sexy lady can be insecure about her looks.

When a woman is insecure about how she looks, she tends to believe that her boyfriend or husband is seeing someone else while in a serious relationship with her because he’s not satisfied with his significant one.

Jealousy also occurs when a Chinese sexy woman believes she’s not pleasing her man in the bedroom.

Besides the jealousy that stems from insecurities in beautiful young Chinese girls, there are also not so baseless reasons for Chinese women to get jealous.

Are you still hanging out on Chinese dating sites even though you two have agreed that you’re in a serious relationship? Or has she ever caught you looking at pictures of Chinese woman online?

Or even this: are you checking out every Chinese sexy woman that walks by you even if you’re walking with your girlfriend?

Well, here’s the deal breaker: your girlfriend most likely has eagle eyes and notices you checking out other girls. Even if she’s not looking at you, she notices your eyes gazing at other ladies with the corners of her eyes.

You can’t hide anything from a woman. Women…see…everything!

Calm Your Jealous Girlfriend Down

Calming a jealous girlfriend down doesn’t mean getting angry with her or getting defensive nor does it mean making fun of her baseless accusations or listening to her in a judgmental manner.

Unless you want to make things worse, never tell your Chinese sexy woman that she’s being irrational about her jealousy.

Never get angry at your girlfriend for expressing her jealousy concerns. Instead, let her express herself and really reveal where all that jealousy is coming from.Chinese single woman

That’s called “assessing the situation” to know how to act next. If you realize that her jealousy is baseless and has nothing to do with your behavior (e.g. hanging out on Chinese dating sites or checking out other Chinese girls for dating), do this:

  • Talk to her and let her tell you how she feels and what makes her jealous (never cut her off while she’s talking);
  • Ask her if there are things you do that bother her;
  • Be responsive and encourage her to share her feelings – you don’t want to be returning to that subject later on just because she didn’t finish pouring out her soul this time;
  • Choose your words carefully when reacting to her jealousy concerns – never make yourself sound defensive or judgmental;
  • Respond to your girlfriend sympathetically and address her underlying insecurities – remind her why you value her and why she has nothing to worry about.

Jealous Girlfriend? Time to Change Yourself!

Chinese sexy womanAs difficult as it may be for some men to accept this, but when dealing with jealous beautiful young Chinese girls – the only way to save your relationship and maintain it in a healthy condition is oftentimes to change yourself.

That, of course, if her jealousy stems from your behavior. If you’re in a serious relationship you have to accept this: it’s time to abandon your bachelor life.

You can’t hand around likes on Facebook or Instagram to other girls like gums anymore. You can’t check out or flirt with other Chinese women anymore either.

You can’t disappear for the whole night without a legitimate reason and not call your girlfriend even if you’re simply hanging out with your male friends.

Think you’re not ready to give up the lifestyle that makes your girlfriend jealous? Now think about this: do you really need this relationship?

If you do, get ready for some major changes in your life if you really want to make this relationship work long-term.