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How to Tease a Chinese Lady – Fun Ways to Enthrall Her

Do you know how to tease a Chinese lady the right way? Yes, teasing can add spice to your love life but you have to know exactly how to do it otherwise, your attempts may backfire and go in a completely different direction.

Most men talk about how they tease their Asian beauties and assuming turns them on but in reality men have no idea how to differentiate between impropriety and fun teasing. When it comes to playful teasing, you have to know where to draw the line and end up only with a beautiful smile rather than a pot/shoe on your head. Here is a quick write up to help you with the art of teasing attractive Chinese woman and winning their heart.attractive Chinese woman

Start with a Test – A Smart Move

Before you dive nose first into teasing a lady from Chinese girl dating site, test the waters and check for boundaries. Do not ever cross the line with racist jokes and never go beyond your girl’s tolerance, otherwise nothing in this world will be able to save your relationship. Try to be as light and fun as possible and be a good judge of joke tolerance level.

Never Comment on the Looks – Stay Safe

No woman on this planet likes a joke about her looks and the same goes for Chinese women seeking men. Be very careful about your topic and steer clear from color, race and even the hair type. Comments on all these sound more like judgment and do not go well with most women. Playing safe is the best way to tease a woman and get away with it.

Express Yourself – Conquer The Heart

When you are teasing a local Chinese girl, make sure you make it very clear that you are teasing. Trying to look subtle and smart while playing a prank may actually backfire and you may end up looking like a ride person. Laugh as much as you can and keep your jokes light while making it very clear that you are kidding.

Do not Make Pervert Jokes – Just A Suggestion

When you meet a girl on one of the Chinese online sites, do not make sex jokes right from the beginning. You may think that you sound cool and funny but most girls do not like pervert jokes and pranks and will never take it as teasing. Be as formal as you can in the beginning and change your methods of teasing as your relationship progresses and you know very well what pleases your lady.Chinese women seeking men

Laugh at Yourself

Women love men who have a sense of humor and can make a joke about themselves. So, if you don’t have a funny one, get one asap and ensure that when you meet Chinese singles online and tease them, you are making some jokes on yourself as well. This way, the teasing will always stay light hearted and both the parties will have a good time without feeling annoyed.

Learn Fun One liners – Make Flirting Easy

The best most subtle way to tease a Chinese lady is to use smart one liners that are also light and funny. Use them in your conversation from time to time and watch your lady get smitten with your sense of humor. Timing is very crucial for one liners to be effective, therefore work on them, understand where they work best and use them at the right time to have to total impact. One liners make flirting easy as well, so, chances are that your lady love will pick up the hints and reciprocate with one liners of her own.

Fun + Respect = Long Way

Many a times men assume that a lot of women love it when they are insulted and provoked. This might be true for a few ladies but that percentage is very less. Therefore, it will be best to avoid insulting teasing. Never put the lady down for fun and always make sure that there is a hint of respect even when you are teasing her. Respect combined with fun goes a long way in strengthening a relationship.

Plan Playful Challenges – Add that Jazz

Everyone loves fun challenges. You can plan elaborate challenges for your Chinese wife and tease her in a light-hearted way. Challenge her to a dance off, fitness regime or an eating competition. These silly simple games will add that much needed jazz to the conversations and in relationships in the long run. You can always tease her about how she lost to you the last time to annoy her a bit and challenge her again.

There is a very thin line between teasing and bullying, therefore the whole thing can go wrong very easily. Always focus on positive things while teasing to ensure that you are not offending your date/girlfriend/wife. Be kind with your words and mind your tongue because you never know how the other will take it and react to it.asian girls