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How to Tell if Your Texting Annoys Your Asian Girlfriend? A Guide On How to NOT Be a Clingy Texter

What is it with all that texting nowadays?

Every Millennial has a smartphone, and everyone texts one another more than they speak in person. Even phone calls are a relic of the past now…

Did you know that the number of texts sent in a month have skyrocketed more than 7,700% over the past decade? That’s just crazy if you really think about it.

Here’s another shocking statistics for you: 18.7 billion texts are sent worldwide every day.

Now, if you feel like about a billion of those texts are your messages sent to a hot Asian lady you like, and she replied to like only a handful of them, then you’re in trouble, pal.

You may be texting the girl you like a little bit too much. And that’s definitely NOT  how to attract Asian women in the modern world. Let me explain.

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From Romantic Lover to Clingy Pervert: A Blurred Line

Sure, when you like someone – let alone, fall in love with that person – you lose your head and you start thinking about that person all the damn time.

Then you catch yourself thinking, “Oh, I’d love to tell her about how my day is going!” In that situation, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of being too clingy when texting.

Look, we’ve all been there. But how much texting is actually too much?

There are actually quite a few unwritten rules about the etiquette of texting… you know what? Scratch that. Not the etiquette.

There are a few unwritten rules about how to not embarrass yourself when texting Vietnamese women for marriage and not look like a clingy pervert in the modern world.

Your Asian Girlfriend Promises to ‘Text/Call You Later’, But Never Does

Okay, assuming that you know how to meet Asian girls online, let’s say you start texting a girl you like.

It may seem like it’s going smoothly and you two clearly like each other. But then all of a sudden she keeps replying with the “let me text/call you later” messages.

And in your head you’re thinking, “Oh, she’s probably busy right now – she’ll definitely text me back the second she gets free time on her hands!

But she never does… It’s probably because you’re texting her too much and this is her way of telling you, “Dude, slow down.” And she’s basically giving you some time to chill from all the texting.

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She Ignores You

This one should be obvious, but apparently not to everyone.

Many guys keep messaging girls after they meet single Asians online even if they don’t get replies. But that’s not how to play the texting game.

A rule of thumb is this: if she keeps ignoring your messages, it’s not because she was so overwhelmed with the feelings for you that she couldn’t find the right words to express herself.

Take a step back. If she’s interested, she’ll respond eventually. Being too clingy only destroys your chances with Asian woman dating site.

She Gives You One-Word Answers

If she keeps giving you one-word answers, it may be either because she thinks she’s taking a lie detection test or she’s trying to send you the “I’m not really interested” signal.

But it gets tricky with Asian singles dating, because many young and matured Asian women aren’t very proficient in English language, so giving one-word answers is the only option to communicate with you or they simply don’t want to embarrass themselves with the not-so-perfect grammar.

Too much texting is actually bad for grammar as well, a 2012 study published in the journal New Media and Society found. That’s because texting involves it’s own “sophisticated language” such as “wuts up” and “I luv u.”

Note: If you meet single Asians who aren’t proficient in English, try a Live Webcam Chat with the hot Asian lady. It’s much easier to communicate when you see each other’s faces and body language.

She Waits Days to Respond

If texting feels like you’re sending pigeons to carry your mail, then it’s either because you’re actually using pigeons to deliver your messages or the girl simply isn’t that interested in texting with you.

It may sound sad, but not all girls are into texting 24/7. There are many girls who find texting annoying and would much rather prefer to speak in person.

And she’s probably right about this. A study published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture found that compulsive texting takes a toll on teenagers.

I know what you’re thinking, “But i want to date an Asian girl, how do I keep her interested?”

If texting feels smooth and exciting for the two of you (i.e. she isn’t ignoring you or giving you one-word answers), then you can stick to texting until it’s time to ask her on a first date.

Otherwise, propose to use a Live Webcam Chat or proceed to asking her out straight away. Being straight-forward actually scores you points if you want to know how to attract Asian women.

She Stops Using Emojis and Smiley Faces

That’s a disaster. If a girl stops using emojis or text-based smiley faces, it’s because you’ve been texting her too much and she’s losing interest.

I mean, all girls love emojis, that’s the only way to express their emotions while texting. No girl would give up using emojis for no reason. Period.

Bonus fact: while emojis are a great way to make your messages more sincere and emotional, using punctuation, particularly a period (.), makes you perceived as ‘less sincere’, according to a study by Binghamton University.