How to use Single’s Day to find a soul mate

Black Friday and blue Monday does ring a bell right? If you are dating Chinese women, you should consider putting Single’s day on that list. Single’s day began some decades ago (some people dates it back to the 1990s). Single’s day is the world’s largest shopping day that originated from China. Records have shown that single’s day record more sales than Black Friday and blue Monday combined together. The good news is that some people have brought this festival to America.

china-single-womenSingle’s day is celebrated on November 11 of every year. You may be wondering how to tap into this day to find a cute Chinese single girl. It is very easy because this holiday is mostly celebrated by China single women. The rise in online shopping malls is a big blow to those who intend to find their soul mate through this holiday but not every China woman would love to make her orders online. Some still prefer the traditional way of shopping which is to walk into shopping malls and pick the items that are of interest to them. This is where you should leverage on to find a date.

Those looking for pretty Chinese ladies can take their search to the shopping malls. There will definitely be high influx of single China girls there. You can start with a conversation (such as throwing a compliment on their looks) then proceed to paying for some goods they have shopped for. The great discounts available on such days should make payment easier for you. If you prefer dating China girl online you are not exempted from this also. You can use the occasion to buy her gifts and place the order to her address. Such kind and affectionate gestures will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Chinese dating marriage can be scheduled on such a day to cut cost. Besides the intention to cut cost, holding a marriage on such a day will be a perfect time to bid farewell to your bachelor and spinster life. One way that single’s day is highly beneficial to men particularly those from America and certain parts of Europe is that it increases their chance of finding a single lady. We all know that it is not every Chinese woman moving on the street is single. However, the percentage of the singles greatly overshadows those of the married on single’s day.

chinese-single-girlMany men complain that succeeding in Chinese lady dating is the greatest challenge they have had to overcome all their life. This may be through but it boils down to your approach and attitude towards dating. The first thing you should understand is that dating Chinese ladies does not follow the same follow as dating American women. In fact, you can put them at two opposites sometimes because what would excite one group would be an insult to the other and vice versa.

The one thing that you can be rest assured that you will never get wrong when it comes to dating Chinese women is that if you identify with her family and keep to her traditions, you will never fall into her bad note. Failure to do that will only amount to calling down disaster on your dating life. Single’s day has become a tradition in China and you cannot help but keep to it if you truly want to impress your Chinese lady. Whether you are ordering the goodies online or walking into the shopping mall to make your pick, bear in mind that it is not the size of the gift that matters but the spirit of the celebration.