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How True Is The ‘Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater’ Cliché?

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

You’ve probably heard the phrase hundreds of time in your life. But how true is that cliché?

Are people who have cheated once more likely to cheat again? Bad news for those of you dating hot Philipines girls who you know were unfaithful either to you or their former partners.

A recent study by the University of Denver has found that people that have cheated before may cheat again.

The study – involving 484 people the vast majority of whom were women – found that a staggering 44% participants of the study reported cheating on their current partner.

While you’re hoping your Philippines lady didn’t take part in that study (it took place in Denver, Colorado, by the way) and, even if she did, she wasn’t one of the 44% unfaithful participants.

Meanwhile, 30% of the participants said they had found out their partner cheated on them.

But the main part comes next

Cheaters Do Really Cheat Again, Study Finds

The study showed that people who reported cheating in their former relationship were more than three times (!!!) likely to be unfaithful in their subsequent relationships than those who have never cheated in the first place.

In case you’re wondering, the researchers didn’t clarify whether it was only sex that counted as act of unfaithfulness in the study. Some people also consider kissing and watching porn as cheating.

Okay, but what about those people who were cheated on and are now looking for Philippine singles to start a new relationship?

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What if People Keep Cheating On You?

That’s where it gets tricky… The study showed that people who knew their former partners were cheating were more than two times likely to experience infidelity in their subsequent relationship compared to those who have never been cheated on (or at least they believe so).

Here’s the thing: if people keep cheating on you, it may be a little bit of your problem. I mean, look – I’m not trying to offend anyone – and there are indeed a lot of people who cheat, but

If you’re dating sexy girls in Philippines and you keep getting cheated on, maybe it’s because you are doing something wrong.

More often than not, hot Asian women stray in their relationship for a reason. It’s either because you’re not paying enough attention to them, not showering them with compliments or simply turned out to be not the person they liked / loved in the first place.

Is There a Point to Date a Cheater (or Anyone, For That Matter)?

The findings of the 2017 study go hand in hand with a 2016 study that found that of all those who had cheated on their former partners, 30% actually cheated on their current partners.

I know, sounds disgusting. And here’s more: only 13% of all participants of the study said they had never cheated on their partners.

If you’re already thinking of leaving the Philippines single dating scene because – “damn, there are so many cheaters out there…” – don’t be so quick just yet.

If you’re dating a person who you know have cheated on their former partners (or even on you, which should ring alarm bells if you’re still together), it doesn’t mean that person will necessarily cheat on you (again).

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In fact, you can consider yourself lucky if you’re dating in the Philippines, because Philippine girls tend to be less likely to cheat in relationships.

Why? Because Filipinas tend to be conservative in terms of sexual values. When it comes to Asian dating, there are many girls who still respect the tradition of losing virginity only after marriage.

If the findings of the studies have made you paranoid about infidelity in your relationship, do make sure that you do everything you can to prevent your partner from wanting to cheat on you in the first place.

Ask yourself this, “Is my partner really having a good time with me, or would he/she rather be with someone else? And am I doing enough to make my partner happy?”