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How will you know when Chinese women are just being friendly or flirting with you?

dating asian singlesWhen you begin to date Chinese girls, you can clearly avoid going through the stress of being a victim of receiving mixed signals and not understanding the subtle hints that these Chinese women may be giving to you. So, how will you know when these Chinese beauties are really interested in you or they are simply being nice to you.

Many people get to hear this harsh dialogue when they date Chinese girls, “Sorry! I do not like you the way you are thinking; I am just being friendly with you.” This is the harsh fact of life. The truth is that many women can be vexing and cryptic when they have to show genuine interest in men while these men can get really confused with the mixed signals they receive.

You have to remember that when you are on a free Chinese dating website, flirting can happen from your partner when her intentions are genuine about spending time with you or going through a sexual relationship with you at a later phase of dating. You have to discern whether she is flirting with you or simply being friendly. Women who want to be good friends also like to develop their acquaintance with men. So, you have to be careful. In today’s dating scene, everyone can get caught up in this big issue of who is flirty and who is friendly. It is wiser to understand how to tell the difference and avoid embarrassment and pain in your dating experience.

This is how you can tell the difference –

  • Is it only you that she is showing the interest in or is it common with everyone around her? – Consider this fact when you are dating Chinese women, be it Northern Chinese women or from any other region. If these women are being nice to everyone around them, then they are simply being friendly. They are not particularly interested in you.
  • How do women respond to your style of flirting? – You have to be observant when you are among Chinese women looking for men. You can sample them out by flirting a little and watch their reaction and how they respond when you flirt with them. If they show interest in you even after you flirt, then it means that they are surely interested in dating you.
  • Eye contact is important – When you select your dating partner after browsing through pictures of beautiful Chinese women, maintain eye contact with her on your first date. If she returns your look with a smile on her face and blushes, then it means that she is interested in you.
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  • Pick up the non-verbal cues – Body language is important when you go on a date. After you meet Chinese girl online, you will invite her on a first date. When that happens, keep a close watch on whether she is smirking or pursing her lips when you look at her or talk to her. When you observe these little things, you will be able to tell the difference between whether she is ready to flirt with you or considers you only as friend material.
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  • Does she tease you in a positive way and not in an irritating way? – When some petite Chinese women tease you in a way that makes you look like a school boy, it means that they are interested in you. If they tease you without looking at you and they are not interested in your reaction, then they are not flirting.
  • Does she show continuous interest in you when you are around her? – If she seeks you out actively and wants you to come to a party with her and asks mutual friends about how you are doing, then she is interested in you and she is flirting with you.
  • Does she ask you to hangout? – You have to be careful because even friends hangout quite a lot, but if she starts a conversation and asks you to hang out with her at some private location as a one-on-one date, then she is flirting with you.

These are all dating Chinese girl tips to understand whether your partner is just trying to be friendly with you or she is flirting in a passionate way. Women when they are extrovert and socially open could be friend material but if they maintain a high level of initiating a contact just with you and not everyone else, then they are flirting with you and they could be considered as more than just friends!