beautiful Chinese women

I am so incredibly turned on by beautiful Chinese women! How can I date one?

So, is it just me, or does there seem to be a bumper crop of beautiful Asian girls everywhere you turn these days? From the movies, to television, to fashion magazines, to newspaper articles–hell, in my town, even the new local television news anchor lady is a sexy Chinese woman!

She’s driving me nuts–she’s got the classic look: the long, straight black hair with just the perfect sheen to it, long slender legs, beautiful deep brown eyes, and an incredible natural smile. Her laugh when the stupid male co-anchor makes his stupid jokes is so disarming and natural!

Chinese bridesSo, obviously the television news lady isn’t going to date a guy like me. She’s way out of my league on so many levels: money, money and money to name three.

But I started doing some research online and here’s the thing: there are so many dating websites out there featuring pictures of beautiful Chinese women! And better yet, if you hit up the right websites, there are plenty of real girls looking to be
to western guys just like us!
But with so many possibilities out there it’s hard to know where to begin. The question is what do I need to know before I start to figure out what I need to know!

What I mean by this is that you have some things to think about before you start planning your new life with a hot Chinese wife you meet online. Don’t jump the gun on this. Do a bit of research before you start slinging your profile all over the web willy nilly, man!

For instance, where are the best places to look for real girls? There are profiles everywhere, but you really need to do your research. Some sites featuring beautiful Chinese women are only about chatting, while others are more oriented toward marriage. Still others are more about dating in the real world, getting to know hot Chinese girls online and then taking it to the next level on a real date. So you need to know what you want, and also what the girl is after before you get too deeply involved in any given website.

hot Chinese girlsAnother thing to keep an eye out for is testimonials. Are there lots of satisfied customers? When you do a web search on a particular dating website, what comes up? I always look for testimonials from previous users when I sign up for a dating site, especially if it’s for something a little tricky like dating girls from another country. You want to be sure that the translation of your words–and hers– are going to be accurate and correct. It can be a little awkward if that’s not the case!

Finally, understand that when you do actually start meeting hot Chinese girls through a dating website–and you will!–you’ve got to be prepared to take it slowly. Traditions in China have been around for a very long time, and the brave new world of dating western men is a bit a shock for some women. It will take them a little time to come around.

But of course each of you are here for a cultural exchange! So hopefully she’s on board with being patient with your cultural differences as you are with hers. Most Asian women who take the step of posting profiles on dating websites are the braver type, that’s for sure!

Even so, it may take them a little while to come around, but once they do, it will be so worth the wait!