Chinese wives

I keep starting great conversations with hot Chinese single ladies online but then they disappear! What am I doing wrong?

It’s a common enough occurrence. Answering the ads in the Chinese women personals you run across your dream girl. She’s tall and willowy, she has that perfectly clean and clear skin, deep soft eyes gazing up at you from her photos–all of which look amazing!

What’s more, you text back and forth for a while, and she’s into you too! You’re sending lots of “ha ha” and “lol” messages back and forth, all kinds of emoji are flying over the interwebz.

But just when you start to feel like you’re almost comfortable enough to ask her out on a real live brick and mortar type date, she suddenly falls off the face of the earth. You text her but to no avail–you’re just not getting responses like you once did. What to do, what to do?

Chinese womenWell, first of all, don’t panic. This is a very common thing in the brave new cyber world in which we are all living. Dating Chinese girls is no different in some ways from dating girls of any other background. They have busy lives too!

The reason everyone loves email and texting and other communications apps like whatsapp is that they are what are called “asymmetrical communications platforms.” In simple terms this means you can write back to your mom or your boss whenever you want. But if either of them call on the phone, you’d better have a good reason for not picking up!

But here’s the thing: dating hot Chinese girls online is something that requires patience.

Here should be the first question you should ask yourself if the hot Asian bride you’ve been pursuing does a quick fade on you: is it me?

I know, that’s a terrible question, but you have to get it out of the way. But the idea is not to render you insecure and a helpless ball of trembling goo. More to the point is just to get you to look at yourself. How quickly do you expect a response? Is this something she’s done, really, or is this you being insecure?

And although Chinese women dating is much the same as dating any other girl, keep in mind there are a few cultural differences. It is perhaps a bit easier to offend a more traditional Chinese girl than a more western girl.

Dating Chinese girlsAnd be sensible with your texts, fellas. Remember, if you’re looking for a hot date for the weekend that’s one thing. If you’re looking for Chinese wives online, and you’ve encountered a girl who is looking for a husband, text and chat with her in an appropriate way. You wouldn’t speak to an American Christian woman in the same way you do with a hot college girl–there’s no reason to think that Chinese Christian women are any different.

Finally, remember this before you get to sensitive: maybe she’s just not that into you. When was the last time you pulled a slow fade on a girl you were chatting with? It works both ways, and its just fine. The internet is a big, big place. The dating pool even for hot Asian girls is huge. If one doesn’t work out, so be it. there is no reason to get obsessed or moon over your imagined life together. Move on! There are plenty of fish in that sea.

So get to fishing!