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If You’re Dating A Chinese Beauty, Follow These 7 Cell Phone Rules To Build Trust

asian girlsCell phones have become an integral part of our lives. But if you’re dating a Chinese beauty, your phone may be responsible for the impending collapse of your relationship. That doesn’t sound good, right? You might want to get familiar with the cell phone rules every couple has to follow to build trust in their relationship.

Why does it have to sound so overly dramatic? Do cell phones really ruin relationships? Is it really that bad? I know, I know, your head is probably spinning right now.

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As you may or may not know, cell phones are responsible for a huge number of fights and breakups every day. They breed suspicions, obsession, and paranoia, none of which goes hand in hand with a healthy relationship.

If you’ve ever dated hot Chinese girls, how many times did you check your girlfriend’s phone while she was in the bathroom? Or how many times did you glance over your girl’s shoulder to check who she was texting with?

It is human nature to be a little bit suspicious, especially if you’re in a committed relationship with someone. But certain habits like snooping and spying on your partner can ruin a relationship just as much as being secretive and weird about your cell phone activity.

If you’re looking for Chinese girlfriend or are already dating good looking Chinese woman, you need to know that a healthy relationship means having boundaries but also being able to trust one another.

For that reason, we’ve outlined 7 cell phones rules every couple should follow to have a healthy relationship.

#1 Don’t hide your phone, leave it out. If you’re afraid to leave your phone out when you head to the bathroom or go to another room, it can become a reason for suspicion. Those who have nothing to hide are fully comfortable with leaving their phone out with their partner. Yes, those things that might pop up in notifications shouldn’t scare you if you’re open with your partner.

#2 Text your partner more frequently. We, humans, are really weird about this. We think that if our significant other is not texting us, he or she is texting someone else. So yeah, a simple text message such as “I miss you so much, honey” can make a huge difference and can make your partner’s day.

#3 Be careful about what you delete from your phone. Deleting your browsing history, search history, messages from someone you claim to be your boss, close friend, high school friend, or other, may breed unnecessary suspicion or cause turmoil in a relationship with Northern Chinese women.

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#4 Consider sharing passwords. If you’re truly open with your partner, sharing passwords should not be a problem. In a healthy relationship, couples aren’t worried that their partner might find something on their phone. For most hot young Chinese girls, hearing their significant other say, “Here, you can have my password because I have nothing to hide,” can make them happier than receiving tons of flowers.

#5 Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your girlfriend to do. If you think that you can find the answer to the question “Do Chinese women like American men?” on your Chinese girlfriend’s phone, think twice before you start snooping. A good rule for healthy relationships is that you shouldn’t be doing anything you wouldn’t want your partner doing. Therefore, if you wouldn’t want your partner to be texting her ex-boyfriend, don’t text your ex.

#6 Shut down unwanted messages and DMs. If you’re popular with the ladies, and you receive tons of texts and DMs while in a committed relationship, your significant other is most likely aware of that. Therefore, you need to be able to shut down unwanted messages and DMs and don’t give the Chinese women looking for men false hopes. Unless, of course, you get these messages on Chinese women dating site while in a committed relationship (then you have another problem).

#7 Don’t keep sexy photos of your exes or friends on your phone. What’s the point of keeping them if you’re already in a relationship anyway?