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Impacts and Consequences of Cultural Differences in China and the US

Online dating has made the world global and arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity. People may find their perfect match across the sea with cultural and linguistic differences. Love has never had boundaries and if you love someone, then never think about differences, because strength lies in differences not in similarities. If you have found your perfect one, then never let him go. The one you met online is more convincing, understanding, caring, and charming than any other. Go and get him. Do not wait for a second chance. Cultural differences make the expression of love different, but the language of love is the same. Different cultures have different dating styles, including Chinese and American culture, although the heart is the same.

Online dating1.Arguing Is Not Communication, It Is Noise
Communication is a very important tool for any serious relationship. If you have strong communication with your date, but still you do not have sound communication with your date’s family, then it won’t work. Convenient and strong communication will open the doors for your success. I am not against cultural difference. If you really feel that you can convenience your date’s parents, then learn about your date’s culture, go for it, do your best and try your luck.

2.Gifts are Priceless!

Asian culture encourages the exchanging of gifts. A small gift does not cost you a lot but it could be priceless and the most important one for your date. Gifts make memories stronger. In China, people love to exchange gifts on their traditional and cultural days, which makes them different from Americans. Gifts are not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. The giver should know some basic rules in China. Some gifts should not be given: a watch/clock which they assume to be a sign for death, pears are not recommended as they relate to leaving, green color hat, umbrella, or any gift which is wrapped in white paper. All these things are considered taboo and are not appropriate as a gift when you have a Chinese girlfriend or boyfriend. Try to communicate with your Chinese friends and learn about the best gift choice for your date. This gifting tradition is different in America.

Chinese culture3.Opposites Can Have Long Term Relationships

Two people with different characteristics, different beliefs, and different cultures can have a long term relationship if both sides are equally sincere. Generally, Americans do not believe in long term relations whilst Chinese and other Asian cultures engage in sincere and long term relationships, even in arranged marriages. Chinese culture teaches us that finding someone who is worth your tears, worth your laughter, worth your heart, and that loves you as much as you love him is priceless. When you find that ultimate one, never let that person go.

4.I Love my Mom and Dad!

Parents play a central and vital role in the lives of children, especially daughters. Children are very obedient and follow the guidance of their parents in China. Arranged marriages are still in fashion in Asian countries. Only a short while ago, most marriages relied on such arrangements. Being Chinese, I personally have arranged marriage experience and trust me, it really works. I have never regretted obeying my parents’ desires in any step of my life. I am a proud son and I love my parents. Today’s Chinese generation also addresses their issues with their parents, asks for their suggestions, and respects them as their first teachers.