Chinese girls to marry

Important cultural difference that could make or mar your date

Culture is the way of life of a group of people and whether you believe it or not, Chinese women will remain bound to their cultures in one way or another, their actions will continue to be directed by how much influence their culture must have had on them. Though in some ways the emphasis on culture is often overrated and what will matter in the end is if she likes you or not but with Asian girls you need not take chances because there is lots of cultural difference that would make or mar your relationship if you keep or ignore them respectively.

Chinese wifeBeing wild is not part of the tradition

The west is known to be inhabited by those who are not afraid to express their feeling anyhow they deem fit. It is not the same with dating Chinese women. The latter are obviously afraid to express themselves in any way they deem fit because the culture has made said it that a girl has to behave in such and such a way.

Chinese marriage is not a thing for two

The west is more liberal on such topics as marriage; a guy meets a girl, they fall in love and the next thing is to invite family and friends for wedding. For Chinese girls to marry a guy, the parents of the girl have to approve of the guy. That means there have to be some sort of introduction in the beginning. The west have become so far apart from each other that they now live for themselves alone but in China, communal living is still highly revered.

Language will remain a barrier till you find a way out

Language is probably the first cultural difference you will observe if you are seeking a Chinese wife. English is far from being a minor language in China and western men who date Chinese ladies are condemned to look for an alternative to communication or quit. There are various ways out of this dilemma and the first would be for you to learn the language. This will also impress her a lot, that you can speak her language, even the slightest of it. The next which may be less of impact and may make the relationship feel like a cinema – public affair – is to employ and interpreter. You could also be creative and try to break the ice through non-verbal communications.

Humor has a slightly different meaning in China

Chinese Christian datingOne attitude you might want to be careful about if you need a wife from China is to be careful about your level of humor to avoid being interpreted as a clown all together. Humor doesn’t always work well with Chinese ladies. Western ladies will easily understand your use of ‘negs’ or ‘ice breakers’ when you are meeting for the first time and would smile or laugh about them but an Asian lady may feel insulted altogether. Take your time to understand how humor works with the Chinese.

Hold your emotions till you are married

There is not obvious difference between Chinese Christian dating and ordinary dating unlike in the west were Christianity tends to stipulate the rules in dating. This role is played by their culture making it more encompassing. It is hard to resist sex when two lovers are in close proximity, alone, for a very long time. The singular act of kissing – though it may sound normal in the west – can make you lose your girl forever. The simple rule here is, ‘kill your sexual urge or it kills your relationship’.