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Interracial Dating: The Top Five Questions to Ask Partner Philippine Women

Philippine women are gorgeous but sensitive creatures. All women are, and in starting a relationship with one, you must be prepared to communicate. Communication is an integral part of any relationship, and for interracial dating, we need to put in a little effort to get to know our partners better. If you are new to a relationship, how will you break the ice while not sounding like you are making your potential partner answer a stack of trivia questions? Read along as we get down and personal and hopefully be of help to you in opening communication lines with your potential partner from the Philippines.

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  • How is it for you growing up in the Philippines?

This seems like a very innocent question. However, this will give you an insight as to how to approach your hot Philippino girl [Filipina]. You see, her answers will provide you with ideas. How she answers, you should be able to give you a lot more insight than you would know. The Philippines, although it is never openly spoken about in their society, classifies people by economic status. How is this related? If your hot girl from the Philippines is fluent in English, there is a greater chance that she received higher education. This also means that she has more resources to be more exposed to other things outside her culture.  Exposure leads to a more significant possibility of having common ground and shared interests that you can tap into later to help nurture your budding romance.

  • If I would throw you a birthday party, who would you invite?

Sexy Philippino girls and to everyone in general, this sounds like a fun question to ask. This will allow you to get an insight into what kind of relationship she has with her relatives. Trust me, when you date Philippine chicks, you are not only getting in a relationship with her but also with the whole family. This includes the aunties, uncles, cousins up to the third degree and everyone in between who has a trace of family or looks like family to them. This is one of the best questions to ask her to get some answers without really prying or asking outright. Relatives can make or break a relationship so it would be best to know

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  • If you were in a fight, do you forgive and forget or stay silent?

Philippino girls and no matter how sexy they are, are generally jealous. They are hot for a reason. It is to keep their men interested and like with all Philippines women the silent treatment they apply to their mates is legendary. If they feel that you have wandering eyes, you will not know what hit you. This is important to note as this is more pronounced when dating a Filipina. It is better to touch on this topic in a conversation, in the most innocent way possible.



  • Can you describe to me what dried fish and fermented fish paste tastes like?

This might be irrelevant in the early part of a relationship but it will be once you are in a steady relationship with your Philippino girl. Down the road, when the house you share will smell like burning rubber, you will not need to be alarmed. It is just your girl cooking her favorite dried fish. This question aims to find out how attached she is to a typical Filipino dish.

  • If you won one Million dollars, what would you do with it?

Philippine Women,Philippino girl,

This is another brilliant question which will provide you with insight on how your potential partner views money. The answers will provide you with a clue on how the money will be handled should you go into a relationship and share resources. This is connected to questionnumber 2. Will she give it to relatives? Put up a business? Take your cue from the answers and trust your judgment.


Women from the Philippines are warm, kind and generous. They are also loyal and fiercely protective of family. If you are lucky enough to be with one, then be thankful. However, you must choose the right one. There are a lot of Philippines singles, and you will be dazzled by Hot Philippine women pics, but at the end of the day, we would still want to go home to someone we are perfectly compatible with.