gorgeous Chinese girls

Is there more to dating than just good looks?

Some guys are drop-dead handsome and may often be disillusioned that their good looks can win them gorgeous Chinese girls – just anyone they wish – but it doesn’t work that way. When it comes to dating Chinese women other qualities are just as important as good looks. Yes, good looks can give you the edge but it takes meekness, humility and a little bit of romance to ultimately win her to your side. Below are some of the qualities that a Chinese wife would want to see in their man.

Chinese women1. Respect

There is this thing they say about respect being reciprocal, it is absolutely true. You have no right to demand respect if you are disrespectful yourself. No doubt, your good looks may steal a Chinese girl’s attention for a while but if you show any sign of disrespect, she will not hesitate to show you the way out or use it herself.  Women generally love men who respect them and their opinion. In fact, it is a treasure to them priced above good looks.

2. Attentiveness

This trait is probably borne from the fact that girls love to talk. They love to pour out their heart to someone, their joys, pains, excitements, and anxieties. That someone is often a man and you are under obligation to listen even when you may not be interested in what she is saying. Women seeking men in China may find it very difficult because according to Chinese tradition, the woman is under the man which may make them shut you up when you bore them too much with your talks. Women hate to feel ignored and one way to stir up that feeling is for you to not pay attention to them or by doing something else while she is talking.

3. Gifting

Single China women admire men who send them gifts. Gifting to women is akin to caring and some women actually judge how much a man cares about them by how much gift he gives to them. This is a weird way to make a judgment right? Even if you do not have the spectacular looks, you can still ‘buy’ your way into the heart of the prettiest Chinese lady by sending her gifts regularly particularly on her special days or special national dates. It is not really the size of the gift that turns her on or that would sway her judgment but by the constant reminder that you carry her in your heart.

4. Polite

Chinese girl’sThe rise of China dating agency and online websites has been a woe to many men. Many men – particularly teenagers and young adults – who engage in online dating have totally lost it when it comes to being polite – they say anything they like, anyway they like it. Women can be pretty annoying sometimes particularly when they are not in good mood but the key to winning her heart is being patient and picking your words carefully. Getting angry because your date is angry and has said lots of nasty things to you will not make things better.

5. Romantic

If you have ever taken your time to watch China love story, you will notice that the romantic guy always wins the day. Chinese women and soft and fragile and you will need to be very romantic in your touch, words and action not to bruise them. Some guys mistake romance for sex. They are two different things. While romance is the totality of the way you act towards her, sex starts and ends with the cover of your sheets.