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It’s Spring Festival: The Most Celebrated Myths about the Chinese New Year according to Chinese women on AsiaMe

Spring Festival is here! It’s that time of year when the Chinese people welcome luck and prosperity into their homes. In the Year of the Dog 2018, the Chinese New Year checks out as February 16. Mark the date on your calendars, because it’s the perfect occasion to greet Chinese women and wish their family well.

pretty Chinese girlIf you ask a pretty Chinese girl out on that day, don’t be offended if she bows out. For sure, along with other sexy Chinese girls, she will be busy preparing stuff. By stuff, we mean food, food, and more food! Not to miss would be the traditional dumplings, sweet and sour fish, those long-life noodles, and the timeless spring roll which happens to be everyone’s favorite. These are all considered to be “lucky foods” among the Chinese, and they’re served all throughout the two-week celebration.

There’s no doubt about it; it will be a grand celebration for the entire community. The Spring Festival theme will extend, not only from the home, but also out on the streets and in Chinese-owned restaurants and hotels. Even totally free Chinese dating sites will surely join it, which means it’s going to be a party for all.

The Asian woman online whom you admire will be dressed even more beautifully. In itself, red is a pretty color to suit an Oriental girl in the Chinese babe pics that you see. What’s more, it is also believed to be a lucky color. So, if you plan to gift her with flowers or accessories, choose red as the most perfect color.

Now we’re on a roll about being lucky! Let’s talk about certain myths that could welcome luck or drive it away. Before you marry Chinese girl and raise a family with her, at least, understand the ways of her culture and the things that bring her luck.

To help you out, here are six of the most celebrated myths about the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival):

1. Steeped in superstition, there’s an ancient Chinese belief in a monster called Nian. Once a year, this monster would rise up from the bottom of the sea and devour humans and animals alive! For fear, the hapless villagers would run and hide in the mountains.

Chinese babe picsHowever, it was the loud sound of firecrackers and the red color on their outfits and doors that would keep them safe. Today, you still hear the non-stop pop of firecrackers at midnight and see an array of red paper lanterns lining the streets.

2. There’s a pop of red that not many people are aware of. It’s those paper decorations posted on each side of a doorframe. Known as the Spring Festival couplets (poems) or chūn lián, they protect against troublesome demons that wander around at night.

3. Fancy this, but the myth has something to do with red underwear! It may or may not be as skimpy as the ones you see in Chinese women videos, but it comes in many different pairs. Superstitious as it may seem, a girl has to wear red underwear all throughout her ben ming year (or zodiac animal birth year). A form of protection, it wards off demons, like a lucky charm.

sexy Chinese girls4. Before you dig into those dumplings which a pretty Chinese girl cooked, you’d better get a slice of this story. This time, it’s about the goddess Nǚ wā. In creating human forms out of yellow clay, she noticed that the ears would fall off. So she sew them on, with the thread ending in the mouth. No wonder those dumplings look like crumpled ears!

5. Among China’s single women seeking men, there’s a popular wine which is favoured during the Chinese New Year. A drink called Tú sū jiǔ, it is thought to be a magic potion that saved them from the plague. Made from leaves and grains, this health-giving herbal drink is meant to be consumed on New Year’s Day.

6. On New Year’s Eve, children are always excited to receive gifts of money in red envelopes. Why do elders give red pockets? They rely on the myth of securing young ones by leaving coins wrapped in red paper on their pillows. Sure enough, this would protect kids from having a fever and frighten the evil spirit Sui away.

Myths as they are, these are old traditions which the Chinese people cherish. For more than 4,000 years and counting, the Spring Festival will continue to be their most important event of the year.

Knowing what it means to the Chinese women you date, don’t mess around with your luck! To be lucky in love, know her customs well. Tread lightly on those cultural no-no’s that could turn her off. Well, just to make sure that we’re game on: You’d better partake of those delicious, glutinous rice cakes if you want you and your loved ones to stick together. Kung Hei Fat Choi!single women online