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Kiss and Have Sex on First Date: When Is the Right Time for Physical Contact?

When it comes to online dating with beautiful chinese women, many men don’t know when is the right time for physical contact and if it’s appropriate to kiss and have sex with chinse woman on first dates.

Let’s say you have taken your online conversation with a nice chinese woman to a physical date. Both of you’re are obviously awkward and scared that things might go wrong.

Not knowing when is the right time to touch chinese girls on your first date increases your chances of screwing up by about 99.9%.

If everything is going smoothly and you can feel that there’s a strong physical attraction between you two, it’s very easy to fall into that trap of engaging in physical contact too soon.

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In the world where everyone seems to think that Chinese girls have sex only after chinese matrimony (i.e. marriage), some guys think you should avoid touching your Chinese girlfriend even the slightest on your first few days.

In fact, some guys who believe in the stereotype that there’s no sex before marriage in china take it to the extremes of dating a Chinese girlfriend for months before they have sex or even kiss for the first time.

So here’s the thing: you can easily screw up a date with a Chinese woman by touching her too soon or not touching her at all. The idea is to find the middle ground.

P.S. don’t forget that in order to actually get to touch a sexy Chinese girl, you have to stop staring at china girls photos and actually ask a Chinese lady on a date!

First date: touching, kissing, sex

While sex is kind of a taboo on a first date when dating china girls hot – though it depends on the girl and how well your date goes – kissing is always a good option to finish your first date.

However, you need to go through quite a journey of subtle touching before kissing a Chinese girl on your first date.

Touching is a must on the first date with a Chinese woman. While many men fear to touch Chinese ladies on first dates, they’re making a huge mistake.

Either fearing to be rejected (the chinese lady photo was so sexy after all) or fearing to scare off a Chinese girl, men avoid touching on the first date even if a girl is literally asking for it!

As long as the touching on the first date is subtle and casual, it’s highly recommended to touch chinese girls.


  • accidentally touch her knee with your own knee under the table;
  • touch her shoulders as you reach for her coat;
  • slightly touch her hand as you reach for a glass of wine;
  • slightly touch her waist as you escort her to a cab (but don’t leave your hand hanging there awkwardly for more than a minute).


  • don’t go for her boobs, bottom or face – unless you want to get a slap in your face;
  • don’t touch or hold her hand for more than 2 seconds (the 2 second rule!);
  • don’t touch her legs or knees with your hands on the first date – or she’ll think you’re a perv trying to force her into having sex.

Those light, casual and subtle are like matches and you’re starting fire with them. The more of those casual matches you light up in the process – the bigger the fire.

And this fire will keep burning even after your first date is over. Meaning: by touching a Chinese girl on the first date the right way, you prepare the foundation for your first kiss on the first or second date or even sex.

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Second date: kissing and sex

Once we have established the importance of physical contact on the first date, let’s cover the basics for your second date.

Now that you’ve gotten to the second date, it means that your Chinese girlfriend likes you enough to see you again.

For your second date, stick to casual and light touching throughout the date but increase the frequency and intensity a little bit. Plus, you no longer have that first date awkwardness.

Depending on the situation on your second date, it’s highly recommended to kiss your Chinese girlfriend for the first time. Otherwise you risk making her think that you don’t like her enough or that you don’t have the courage to kiss her.

As for sex, don’t rush things. It may happen on your second date (or even first date), third or fourth date.

If you keep the touching light and casual on the first two dates – trust me, those are very sexy and arousing despite their casualness – it won’t be long until you two release that sexy tension in the bedroom.