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Know What Chinese Girls Want and Keep Your Lines Open!

First of all, when you’re dating beautiful Chinese girls online, you’re not there to impress; you’re out there to open up and communicate your need. What she needs to know is what you want in life and what makes you happy.

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Speaking of opening up to Chinese women for marriage, we’re in the modern days when Chinese girls know what they want. Thus, avoid any opening line where you brag about yourself and sound like you can have anyone on the dating site. This makes you appear too condescending to be married to. Just present yourself in a nice and friendly manner, so you can keep the lines open. If she likes what she hears and sees about you, then she’ll surely respond positively to your invitation to chat.

Here’s friendly reminder when you’re busy chatting on a Chinese dating online site. No matter how busy the line gets, don’t come across as lazy when you’re communicating with smart Chinese babes. They absolutely hate that! So, what exactly do we mean and what are you supposed to do?

Remember: Especially when you’re on a Chinese mature dating site, avoid using too many apps and cheesy emoticons.  We suggest that, instead of bombarding her with emoticons which can be posted in just a few clicks, shower her with words which have more personal meaning. In other words, send her a more personal message. This move suggests that you were diligent enough and gave some special effort in responding back.

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For instance, if a hot Chinese girl shared some good news with you and made you smile, then don’t just click on a GIF app or a smiley face emoticon. Tell her something like, “I’m so happy for you, Mei. You made me smile with your story today. Thank you for sharing it with me.” Or, instead of clicking on a sad face or surprised face emoticon to show that you’re sad and worried about her, relay your true concern for her by saying a few lines like, “I’m sorry to hear about what happened, Lily. I hope you’ll be alright. Is there something I can do for you to make it better?” That’s the kind of man any beautiful Chinese girl would want to keep communicating with.

On one hand, don’t make the common mistake of withholding too much information about yourself. Any Asian lady in her right mind wouldn’t want to stay online with someone who looks like a shady character. You won’t get too many invitations online, if you appear like you’re too secretive and can’t be trusted.

On the other hand, don’t make the even bigger mistake of sharing too many details all at once. Due to cultural differences, we tend to differ on how vocal and open we are as people. At any rate, she doesn’t have to hear your life story yet; there will be time enough for that if she wants to know you more.

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On her part, if she doesn’t reveal too much at first, don’t take it as a brush-off immediately. It’s typical of Chinese babes not to be too chatty at first until they know a person better. But once they’re more comfortable and confident with you, this is when you see them opening up and sharing a little more about themselves.

Also, if you want to be sarcastically funny to the point of being crude, then that’s a turn-off for Asian ladies. Take note that the sense of humor is a bit different between the East and the West. Thus, it helps to know that your teasing and joking should blend in with the culture of the cute Chinese girl you’re dating.Chinese dating online