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Long Distance Love: Should You Go Forward or Cut it Short with your Thai Girl?

The Internet has made it much easier to meet hot Thai girl or beautiful Filipina girls even without having to board a flight to Thailand or Philippines.

But just like there are drawbacks to pizza despite its long list of advantages (it’s not very healthy), there are also drawbacks to the Internet and online dating.

And that is: falling in love with people completely out of your reach. Long distance love. The phenomenon is nothing new, as even greatest poets dedicated their poems to the pining with love over long distance lovers.

Thai Girl,Thai dating sites

But the Internet has only complicated matters, as you don’t even have to physically see or touch a Thailand girl you met on Thai dating sites to start falling in love with her.

Signs that you’re dealing with long distance love

If you’ve been hanging out on Thailand dating websites and chatting with Thai women seeking men, and you notice any of the following, you’re probably dealing with long distance love:

  • that Thai girlis the first person on your mind when you roll out of bed and the last person on your mind before heading to bed;
  • chatting with them is so much better than talking to any other person you know;
  • you feel like you’ve never trusted anyone so much before;
  • you feel like you want to tell the person so much;
  • you can’t resist the idea of meeting in person (even if it’s not really to have a first date);
  • you can’t help but be selfless with her, and you definitely want to hear all about her life and interests;
  • you’re willing to become a better person for her;
  • you find yourself chatting with her or having a video chat hours on end;
  • you may have thought about having a relationship with them;
  • it’s practically impossible to shake them off your mind throughout the day;
  • whenever something interesting or cool happens to you in real life, you can’t help but think to yourself, “I should definitely tell [insert name] about it!”

How to deal with long distance feelings?

You can’t really tell your heart who to have feelings for, so if you happen to develop long distance feelings, you should probably consider dating with Thai girl.

But if you’re a foreigner miles away from Thailand, dating Thailand ladies may be an uneasy task, which is why you’ll have to either go forward with a relationship or cut things short and detach your emotions.

#1: Open up about your feelings. If you develop feelings for young Thai girls and it’s mutual, there’s a high chance that this Thai girl will agree to go on a first date, get married, start a family, make love, make babies and be happy forever ever after with you (or whatever your plans are).

Thai Girl,Thai women seeking men

So opening up about your feelings seems like the best way to find out whether or not that Thailand girl has developed long distance love feelings for you, too.

#2: Talk things through. It may come off awkward at first, but once you’ve established that you two have feelings for one another, it’s time to have that conversation.

Sit down (virtually) and talk about what you should you do about your feelings. If any of you is still in high school or has a local job, traveling across the world may seem like a daunting task.

See if your goals actually coincide so that neither of you regrets the decision to move in together or start dating in the long term.

#3: Think about what you really want. Be honest with yourself: if it’s just sex, turning your life upside down and making your long distance crush make sacrifices for you may not be the best way to go (unless you’ve agreed about having a casual relationship).

Ask yourself these questions to know if you’re really ready to take this long distance virtual relationship to a whole new level, “Am I ready to make sacrifices for this person?” “Am I going to commit myself to this person?” “Is this really a serious thing, or just a fun thing?

When answering these questions, be honest with yourself, because at the end of the day, you can never fool yourself.