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Lucy – Flower of the East

Flower. There’s something so perfect about how poets and songwriters have used flowers and flower-related words to describe the beauty of women across the centuries. Shakespeare’s “A rose by any other name,” springs to mind.

I wonder if Shakespeare ever met any Chinese girls. There’s something about single Chinese girls that makes you think of the soft petals of a rose, slightly damp with dew, reaching up toward the sun, stretching, craving that warmth, that touch. The face of a young Chinese bride on her wedding day is something to behold.

chinese bridesHey, we may wax poetic here, but I dare you to take a look at Lucy’s profile pic without your heart melting too! If you’re looking to meet Chinese girls for dating, you really ought to give Lucy’s profile a once-over. She’s got a great smile as you can see, and she loves to keep busy with work, taking English classes, dancing and travel.

She’s a pocket-sized beauty, even for a girl on a Chinese dating site. Weighing in at just over a hundred pounds, she’s a wisp of a thing at a mere 5”2’. But she projects a tremendous energy and love of life on her profile. She has a great heart too–she tells us that family and a loving heart are what are most important to her in looking for a man.

Hey, for someone that beautiful to be on a Chinese dating site is rare to begin with. But her profile indicates that she is rare in another regard: she is looking for one more thing to complete her life:

“When night is coming, I always feel alone. I want to have a man who can accompany me.”

But what’s great about Lucy is she’s not looking for just any man–respond only if you too love life and are looking for someone who can help you feel complete. She’s a down to earth girl, a flower in bloom with a beautiful heart and a great smile. Who knows, your quest to meet Chinese singles might end right here on her profile.