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Manly Drinks You Should Be Drinking Instead of Girly Cocktails to Meet Philippine Women

If you’re at a bar or nightclub and you’re there with the goal to meet Philippine women, there are certain things you should never be seen holding in your hand (let alone sipping on it).

Cosmopolitan, Sex on the Beach, and all the girly cocktails that automatically alienate any Philipine hot girl (and we totally understand why – what if your personality is just as girly as your drink?).

Instead, you should be drinking any of these five manly drinks if you truly care about gauging her interest at a bar or nightclub. Ordering any of these shows that you’re a self-respecting man who knows class, and who can make sexy Philippine girls weak at the knees just by looking at you.

(Bonus: to truly steal all the attention at a bar or nightclub, hold a cigar in your other hand, and look mysterious as if you’re a detective coming back from a long way at work full of solving riddles and chasing the bad guys).Philippine women,sexy Philippine girls,

Top 5 manliest drink you should be drinking to get Philippine women


Ask even the most beautiful girl in Philippines: a man holding a glass of whiskey – either neat or on the rocks – is a recipe for a good night.

Seeing a man who drinks whiskey does to women the same as seeing a beautiful Philippine women in lingerie does to men. And no wonder why: from a historical standpoint, whiskey has always been the one and only manly drink (and in most cases, it wasn’t for the poor).

So drinking whiskey helps you kill two birds with one stone: show that you’re a manly badass MOFO not to mess with, and that you’re doing pretty good financially. And that is a turn on for hot Philippino girls.

The only con of drinking whiskey is that you can get wasted pretty fast (a big no-no if you’re trying to attract Philippine women ).


Before you start throwing teabags at your screen and screaming, “WHAT? ISN’T A MARTINI A GIRLY DRINK?” – please, gentlemen, hear us out!

A classic martini recipe is not a feminine drink. After all, it’s a cold mix of gin (or vodka) with vermouth. Some add either olives or a lemon twist to garnish martinis.

If you’re into Philippines dating and you truly want to attract beautiful Philippine women, you have to know what all hot Philippino girls have in common: they absolutely love James Bond and would love to date one.

Why not turn yourself into a James Bond at least for one night and order the Bond martini, which is essentially a glass of gin (or vodka) with some amount of vermouth.

If Bond drinks it – and the ladies fancy him like crazy – why wouldn’t you?

Old Fashioned.

You’ve probably seen handsome dudes sip on that stuff numerous times in movies and TV shows (and sipping on the Old Fashioned is what probably made them even MORE handsome). Just by holding the Old Fashioned in your hand, sexy Philippine girls will want to be chasing you like dogs chase rubber balls.Philippine women,most beautiful girl in Philippines,

The classic version of Old Fashioned consists of two ounces (nearly 60 ml) of Bourbon or Rye whiskey poured over a glass containing a sugar cube. Then, a bartender will splash it with a little bit of water and some bitter.

Classic Manhattan.

When you chat Philippines ladies, ask any of them do they know what’s a Classic Manhattan. And most of them will probably be like, “You mean the neighborhood in New York City?”

But actually, it’s a manly drink. In fact, it’s so manly that only the bravest men drank it. Classic Manhattan was very popular during the Prohibition era in America, and so only the most courageous men had access to it.

Rusty Nail.

Nope, you won’t be bragging on social dating sites Philippines that you drank a glass full of rusty nails after this one. Here’s how you make a Rusty Nail: mix one and a half ounce of Scotch whisky with three-quarter ounces of Drambuie. Add some ice and a lemon peel (optional), and you’re good to go!

According to old tales, badass guys used to stir this drink with a rusty nail, hence the name. Sounds quite manly, don’t you think?