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Mastering the Art of Complimenting Chinese Women when you date them

When you are dating Chinese girls, giving them relevant compliments concerning their looks or their personality would always be a good start to a long lasting relationship. But, some women want much more than that. It is better to be smart and dig deep when you want to impress Chinese women. Mastering the art of complimenting when you are involved in Chinese dating will certainly place you in the fast track and head you towards a date or a lasting relationship. It is important for you to know about the types of compliments that are going to impress Chinese girls and it is also important to know what types of compliments you should avoid. Let us take a look.

Asian womenSome Chinese girls are harder to impress and they need you to deliver some strategically worked out compliments. These are some of the compliments for a young Chinese woman that will help you in building a strong love life –

  • When you look at Chinese women images or a Chinese girl photo, you have to realize that some of them would be thrilled to hear specific compliments. For example, try not to say, “You look beautiful today”. Instead, tell them, “That dress you are wearing is stunning and you look great in it”. You have to pick on something very specific and use that to shift into a broader compliment on their looks or their personality.
  • The next best compliment is “You are making me feel very comfortable”. There is a great honour in being told that the presence of your date makes you feel comfortable. There are many things in life that give anxiety and stress and it is a big compliment when you tell someone that they are making you feel comfortable.Chinese beautiful girls
  • It does not harm when you tell some tall Chinese women that they also have a beautiful soul in their pretty figure
  • Complimenting a Chinese woman about her actions or her personality is more powerful than passing a compliment on her looks. When she says something bright, you can tell her that she is witty and not say “funny” as this word carries a negative connotation in the Chinese language.
  • You can say, “I like your tastes in music”. This compliment can go deeper than just the surface as it speaks about style, values and experiences in life. The kind of music you hear does really speak much about who you are as a real person.
  • “You are always there for me” – this is a big compliment and it also has a sense of gratefulness to it. The compliment indicates that your dating partner on the best China dating site is actually a warm and a nurturing individual. It can make your girl feel appreciated and respected.
  • “I miss you often” – this kind of a compliment may help melt many Chinese beautiful girls. It shows that you are thinking about her, regularly ad wishing that she was there with you.Chinese cute girls
  • “I can’t wait to go to that restaurant with you” – Even if you bring this conversation up casually, it would be a cool thing for her to hear and she would appreciate it. When she knows that you are interested in sharing some experiences with her, she would be interested in you and would like to spend more time with you.
  • When you tell Chinese cute girls that they mean “everything” to you, it is not old-school stuff; it will work and they will feel appreciated.
  • “I love the way you laugh” – many women are not so confident when they laugh out loud; so, hearing a compliment on their laugh is a big deal to them. This compliment may work all the time and on all the women.

Remember, not to say “funny’ to Chinese girls and do not use saucy jokes, pick-up lines or sarcasm when you speak with them. They are not so fast on the uptake, particularly with the English language and some things may go right over their head and they will feel uncomfortable with you.single women online