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Meet Gorgeous Asian Girls at the Gym: Be Friendly Without Being Creepy!

It’s not a well-kept secret that one of the best ways to meet gorgeous Asian girls is by working out in the gym. To add to the perks of meeting them in person, there’s also that bonus of staying fit and healthy yourself.

Have you ever wondered: Do Chinese women like Indian men like me? Are there Chinese women dating black men in my gym, and what traits do they find attractive in us? Well, the gym is surely one common ground where you can have these questions answered.

single datingBut then again, the question is: Is the Asian girl you’re interested in – the one you’ve been eyeing – interested in meeting men at all, or is she just into the idea of working out? How can you tell if you’re coming across as FRIENDLY, or you’re coming on too strong and being CREEPY?

Speaking of eyeing, be careful where your eyes stray when you’re Chinese dating on a workout. Since this is a place where people are supposed to enjoy the privacy of working out, avoid ogling!

Chinese babesOne thing which Chinese Christian women hate when they’re busy working out is being ogled at. They’re being mindful of their sets and reps, only to find out that somebody (could that be you?) has been checking out the swing of their boobs or butt. Although it might be flattering to some, it could be embarrassing for the rest who aren’t into single dating and only want to get their exercise done.

Likewise, avoid getting the eye roll response from hot Chinese girls by taking on more than you can handle. Work out with moderation and in your own particular rhythm, instead of trying to impress too much.

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It’s just as irritating when men seeking women try to make eye contact at the most inopportune time – like in the middle of doing stretches, bends, squats, and lifts. This can truly be annoying, if not disconcerting for even the coolest Chinese babes.

So, stop playing games with the babe by getting in her way or within her line of vision. Especially when the workout is intense, you could only compromise her routine and prove to be a hazard, thus, earning you more “hate” points.

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After having established eye contact once, wait for her to engage you with a smile. Otherwise, if you try too hard, she’ll be sending dagger looks in your direction, instead of the come-hither signals you’re hunkering for.

To be seen as a hunk who wants to be friendly without being creepy, tone it down. You don’t have to be hyper-friendly towards a girl on her very first day at the gym (or on yours). Allow her notice you on her own.

Hot as you are, go easy on the girl when you’re Chinese Christian dating. Be subtle about turning the gym into an instant China love dating site. If she’s a regular, let several sessions pass before you initiate a conversation and meet her in person.

To initiate a chat, ask a relevant question that she might have an answer to. For instance, ask if there’s someone’s waiting in line for the treadmill next to hers or if she needs a spotter for lifting weights.

Relax. Without being too flirtatious or suggestive towards Asian girls, win them with a smile. Be Mister Nice Guy, not only to the best bods and the prettiest faces, but also to other lesser mortals in the room. Get noticed. Don’t be known as the guy who hits on everyone and gets brushed off as the CREEP.