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Meet sexy Chinese ladies on Mid-Autumn Day in September 2016

Mid-Autumn Day is celebrated in China on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. It’s usually held in September or early October according to the Gregorian calendar. In 2016, it’s September 15.

And Chinese dating thrives during the Mid-Autumn Day, which is a public holiday in the country. The holiday symbolizes togetherness and reunion in Chinese culture, as it takes place when the moon takes its brightest and roundest form.

Chinese girlsSo if you’ve already found yourself a Chinese bride on some dating website and want to meet her in person, the Mid-Autumn Day would be a great chance to visit China and meet her family. And it’s your best chance to try those delicious mooncakes, which are part of every family’s dinner table on that day!

But if you haven’t found yourself a China girl yet, don’t be upset, as Chinese girls tend to be in their best mood on the Mid-Autumn Day. Just go out on the streets and talk to girls. If you’re shy and lack self-confidence, dating websites would be your best choice to meet Chinese women.

However, if you’re looking to meet Chinese friends, the Mid-Autumn Day could help with that as well. This public holiday allows people to have a day off from their work and studies and go out and have some fun outside.

So make sure you go visit local trade centers, cafes, restaurants and bars. Those are the places where Chinese people go to meet new people. In fact, Chinese people are always excited to meet foreigners, as they love to learn new things about foreign cultures. And of course in exchange they will share lots of things about Chinese culture.

Chinese travel agencies are usually busy a week or even two before the Mid-Autumn Day, so if you’re planning to visit China around that time of the year, plan your vacation smartly. In fact, you could ask Chinese girls on dating websites if they could help you make a trip to China.

Chinese women could explain you in an online chat what are the best hotels to stay at and best places to go visit. Also, they could help you how to not get lost in the city and even teach you some Chinese language.

And that’s a good excuse to develop a strong connection with a Chinese girl you like through an online chat on some dating website. Just don’t make it too personal too early in the conversation, make her feel comfortable with you and you’ll know it when it’s time to ask her meet in person.

meet Chinese womenYoung China girls love it when men are curious about their personality, traveling experience, plans for the future as well as their interests.

Although all those sexy Chinese women care about their looks, they don’t regard their looks as their main feature. It’s what inside that matters for them.

So make sure you show your genuine curiosity in a Chinese girl you like. And be curious not only about her personality and interests (don’t make it too personal, as we’ve warned you earlier), make sure you also ask questions about Chinese culture and traditions.

And the Mid-Autumn Day is a great opportunity for you to start learning about Chinese culture. Ask her what is the legend behind this holiday and how does she prefer to celebrate it. Ask her if she has some funny stories that happened to her on this holiday in the past. Make her feel comfortable chatting with you, and she’ll eventually want to meet in person and reveal her entire self to you.