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Mistakes That Make Men Less Attractive

Many men think attractiveness is having good looks:  a swimmer’s body with a symmetrical face and physical looks like those of a movie star. But being attractive is broader than just looks; after all, looks can be deceiving.

Attractiveness encompasses different things behavior, actions, how you speak, how you relate to others, your lifestyle, your hygiene as well as your whole being. There are mistakes that men commit which tend to reduce their attractiveness. Here are some tips for men to avoid making these mistakes when dating with Chinese ladies.

  1. Being Passive

Passiveness is one trait that can make you look completely unattractive. Take it this way; there is this Chinese girl you admire so much. She has appeared in your dreams on several occasion and you think she is single. You sit there thinking about her day in day out, thinking how good it would be if you got into a relationship with her. You don’twant to empty your heart to her because you are afraid of heart break if she turns you down. You are better of fantasizing and daydreaming with her.Chinese women

There are men who are passive in that, they do not initiate any communication in their relationship. Men are the aggressive sex and as the man in your relationship, be aggressive.

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  1. Body Odor

You won’t be lucky enough to have sex with a Chinese girlfriend if you visit her room smelling boiled cabbage. She will kick you out within minutes. Some men don’t put into consideration how they smell when in the company of other people. However, Chinese women are different; they value men with good and attractive scent. Use some great-smelling cologne when meeting sexy Chinees girls.

  1. Power Games

Another mistake that men commit is playing power games. They want to come out as the powerful ones other the other half in a relationship. You show your spouse that you are superior to her by way of giving her left-handed compliments. This shows that you are not interested in an equal half. Yours is a power struggle relationship. You want somebody to control. Strong Chinese women will not accept such behavior. You might soon find yourself single.

  1. Trying To Look Like Someone Else

Another gross mistake man makes in a bid to win Korean girl vs. Chinese girl is trying to look like someone else. There is that picture you saw of a Hollywood actor looking marvelous. You may put up such a picture in your dating site in china to have Chinese girl make love to you. However, this won’t work in a relationship. To remain attractive to your Chinese girl, then be yourself.

  1. Lousy Attitude

Another gross mistake that a man can make is to show that he has a lousy attitude. The society members respect good looking people. They appear like they are smarter and happier as compared to other people. For this reason, there is a high degree of respect given to them. If you show these people that you have a bad attitude, the level of respect accorded to you drops significantly. There are many photos of beautiful Chinese women, on the internet, who deserve respect. If you come to realize one of the women has released a porn movie, your respect towards her will drop as you have seen her make love.

These tips will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t damage your attractiveness by committing a silly mistake. You don’t want to lose your attractiveness to bad body odor. You don’t want power struggles in your relationship to cost you your relationship. Avoid these mistakes and you will lead a healthy and happy relationship.