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Navigating social media boundaries when you are dating a Chinese girl

When you are dating a Chinese girl and both of you are quite active on social media, it is smarter to prioritise your girlfriend and not other friends or girls. This is very important when you want to share intimate details such as your photos and details of your dates and life together. It happens that, in relationships with Asian beauties, one person tends to become more private than the other and these differences may lead to a strain in the relationship.mature Chinese ladies

Rules of behaviour on social media will change in terms of navigating boundaries when you are in a relationship with your to-be traditional Chinese bride. Here are certain boundaries that you should not cross when you and your girlfriend are participating in social media channels. Besides mastering how to date a Chinese girl, you should also have the wisdom of knowing what not to do on social media when you are in a relationship.  When you stay clear of doing these things on social media, then you will be able to make better and smarter choices and they will go a long way in benefiting your relationship, particularly with mature Chinese ladies. It is better when your Chinese girlfriend also knows how to navigate these boundaries.

  • Be very sure of what you like on Facebook or Instagram when you know that your Chinese girlfriend is following your activity on social media. This is the difference between Chinese vs. Japanese girls. Chinese girls are quite sensitive to what your likes and dislikes are while the Japanese women will be too busy with their lives to notice about who else you are following or liking. It may happen that you impulsively liked the photo of a tall Chinese woman or some other Chinese girl beautiful photo and it was discovered by your girlfriend; then, you may be in hot water. It may hurt your partner when she sees that. So, you have to tread carefully on social media. Boundaries can get blurred sometimes and they will make you think about whether your girlfriend may allow something you do, or not. Try not to like provocative photos of other girls.tall Chinese woman
  • This does not apply to your girlfriend’s posting of her provocative photos. You cannot get upset about it, even if you cannot stand your girlfriend’s sexy photos on Facebook. Try not to feel very uncomfortable about it. Have a little confidence and trust in your girlfriend.
  • Make sure that you do not follow your ex-girlfriend on social media. Even when you meet Chinese girls who are supposed to be cool about it or broadminded, try and avoid such things. Deep inside, they will never be happy with what you are doing. It is not natural to follow ex-girlfriends when you are in a current relationship.
  • Try not to send messages on social media to other women. You may DM your friends but avoid the same with other women, even if it is an innocent reply to an Instagram story or to their photos. When you start messaging other women regularly when you are dating a Chinese girl, then you are riding your luck.

Social media may have changed the way we are handling our relationships with Asian beauties today, but it is not always for the better when both you and your girl are active on these media channels. Try to keep all personal details about your partner, exclusively to yourself. Posting intimate details is a reflection of navigating poor boundaries. Internet has made it easy for couples now to brag or complain or share their lives with apps such as Snapchat that make it easy to snap photos of your girlfriend and flaunt them to let all your friends know about her but it is wiser to know how to navigate boundaries on social media channels when you are dating a Chinese girl or an Asian beauty.asian women