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Never Say These Things to Girl During Sex

Psst… Yes, you – the guy who’s looking to have sex with thailan girls tonight. Before you take your pants off , you might want to read these tips to not mess up your sex life.

There are certain words and phrases that you may want to avoid during foreplay and intercourse, unless you want to turn her off.

Whether you’re having sex with a hot thailand woman or American lady, there are certain words that most women find unsexy, offensive and even ridiculous during sex.

viet girls dating

We’re sure that you know all about how to have sex with thailan girls and know how to make Vietnamese ladies orgasm during sex, but you’d be better off keeping your mouth shut during sex than saying these things:

Word ‘p*ssy’

First of all – I’m sure you’ve heard this one while watching porn with thailand single ladies, but some women find it offensive and… well, silly.

The word ‘p*ssy’ is usually used to describe weak people, while – if you think about it – there is no way you can describe the female genitals as weak .

Anything about your ex

Hey, before you even sign up on a viet girl dating website to find a new girlfriend or wife: get over your ex-girlfriend!

Men who can’t forget their ex-girlfriends often mention something about their exes or even accidentally say their name during sex with another woman.

Listen: forget about her! If you truly want to find wife from asia and not screw up sex with her, get over your ex love partner – or at least watch carefully the things that come out of your mouth during sex.

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‘Did you come?’

Whether you’re dating viet nam or Western ladies, none of them want to hear you asking her if she came/orgasm during sex.

Imagine if a woman who’s going down on you started talking with a squeaky voice all of a sudden during sex. That would a major turn-off for you (unless, of course, you’re into squeaky voices!).

Asking your girl if she came has kind of the same effect on women. So you might want to think twice before asking your girl or you want her to fake it.

‘I never go down on women’

Unless you want your girl to think that you’re one of those vagina-fearing guys, don’t say to her that you never go down on women.

Unless you have a perfectly legitimate reason not to, do go down on women – or you may not get her to return the favor. If you fear that you don’t know how to lick it properly, go ahead and watch educational videos (read: porn) on the Internet. There are plenty of those – but you probably know if.

‘I don’t like condoms, let’s have sex without it?’

Hey, whether you find girlfriend in usa or on some asian beauties dating website, girls are not stupid – they know about HIV and other STDs. And you should, too!

If you do want to have sex without a condom, make sure both of you get tested for STDs, discuss the condom-less sex (NOT DURING SEX THOUGH) and then you can freely enjoy sex without a condom.

‘I have big penis, this might hurt a little’

Most men who think they know everything about viet girls dating, think that sex with bigger penises might hurt for Vietnamese and other Asian women.

First of all: that’s a stereotype. Second of all: most women – of any nationality – can comfortably take a penis of up to 8 inches. So by saying this, women would think you are a bit cocky.