One trick to make Colombian singles go crazy for you

Colombian singles  are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Sofia Vergara, anyone?

Whether you’re looking for beautiful American girls or Colombian women online, we need to tell you something first. Girls looking to chat to you all have something in common. Something all women like in a man. Heck, something men like in women, too. But we tend to forget about it and wonder why we get “ghosted”.

That my friends, is mystery. We want what we can’t have, that’s basic human nature.

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Mystery is a guaranteed way for making beautiful Colombian singles want you.

Colombian girls (particularly Medellin girls) are known for liking mystery in a man. But beautiful women Latin women it doesn’t really matter. This is something every woman wants in a man, because if you give them everything on a platter, they’ll get bored! After all, you’d get bored too if you knew everything about someone too quickly. Figuring someone out is one of the most enjoyable aspects of dating.

Plus, it’s a form of teasing. Everyone loves that.

So, how can you be mysterious?

1. Live your life

By this, we mean “Don’t be clingy”. Don’t be running to your phone every time they message you. Live your life, it won’t stop for anyone. Take the half an hour you need to do those other things, then message back. They won’t go anywhere and they might just be wondering what you were doing.

2. Exude your confidence

Don’t worry about being “cocky”. Confidence is sexy and mysterious – why are you so confident? Know that she is there for you, because she’s interested in you and what you have to say. Practice good posture, dress smart, and flirt if you see an opportunity.

3. Be different

If you have an opinion, express it. Opinionated is interesting. Don’t hold your unique personality traits back because girls really appreciate this in a potential partner. One exception to this though: don’t talk about politics, religion or exes!

Colombian singles,beautiful American girls

4. Hold some things back

This might be obvious, but far too many men make this mistake. They answer questions fully, giving every little titbit of information away. Don’t. Hold some things back and this will instantly create an air of mystery. Obviously answer their questions and get an interesting conversation going, but don’t give away everything about yourself. The best tactic for doing this is to remind yourself to spend more time listening than speaking. People enjoy talking about themselves and their passions.

5. Let yourself have other plans

Don’t cancel plans with friends or any other commitments for a date. Being busy turns you into something she can’t have that evening. That’s mysterious and it builds a little tension. More importantly it won’t anger the other people in your life! No one likes THAT guy – the one who always flakes for a girl. Allow yourself to have other plans and say you’ll message her to reschedule the date. You’ve taken the ball out of her hands and that’s a fun move.

Use this 1 trick to make Colombian girls go crazy for you

There are plenty of free Colombian dating sites with mature women seeking men or young women seekng men. Now you know how to have fun with a little thing called “mystery”, you’re even more ready than before. It’s time to increase your cultural awareness!