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Online Dating via Chinese Girl Video: When Touching is Acceptable

You have been chatting with a beautiful Chinese girl through a Chinese girl video connection for a few weeks, and you really feel a connection. You never thought you would actually have feelings for a Chinese girl who has a video setup, thinking that all of online video chats would be American men seeking to be mail order Chinese brides, but somehow your dating site proved different, and your beautiful Chinese woman is different. She doesn’t want to be your bride, she jokes; she wants to get to know you better. She talks about dating, relationships, your career; she’s really different.mail order Chinese brides

You have always been attracted to Asian women; however, you know your Asian cultures and you know Japanese women vs Chinese and have always longed-for good-looking girls. You can’t believe your fortune in having found one who actually wants to have a relationship with you.

You followed the China love dating site’s advice on How to Meet Chinese Women and how to talk to them in one of the video chat rooms. After about two weeks, you and your lady love made a connection and have been talking seriously for two months. You and she are ready to meet. Knowing about her culture, when will be the right time to make any kind of physical connection with this perfect connection considering how you met, your cultures, and how you want the extent of the relationship to last. You visit her homeland frequently, so maintaining a relationship wouldn’t be difficult if you can convince her.

When to Touch

Chinese ladies looking for love still have their traditions and cultural background to consider and may seem a bit more reserved when it comes to physical contact than other cultures. However, they expect you to be yourself also. You have been talking for two months, so upon arrival, it is ok to get that first touch out of the way with an appropriate quick hug hello. This will let some of the butterflies both of you are experiencing escape and allow you to relax with each other.

How to Meet Chinese Women

When One of You Are Shy

Even after talking online for a couple of months, chances are one or both of you are nervous about meeting in person. Even good looking Chinese girls get nervous meeting a suitor for the first time. A safe move to promote physical contact if one or both of you is overtly shy, but you want to start physical contact, is for you to offer your arm for her to take while you walk. It is not as intimate as holding hands, but it will allow you both to get used to each other’s individual bubbles.


All Asian beauties hold their families in highest regard. At some point during your visit, you may expect to visit your Chinese beauty’s family. Once you have the family’s approval, you may find your girl’s affection rise. Having a way to provide for your Chinese beauty and her family; being able to show off to the neighborhood; and being available frequently in dating are ways to prove yourself to the family and increase physical contact with these good-looking girls.


If you are lucky enough to have found one of the many Chinese women seeking American men who truly want a relationship, then ask them for open honesty in the relationship. They will expect the same from you.

Communication is key in every relationship. If she knows what you expect, then you can ask what she expects from you. You can also ask about physical expectations. Not all Chinese women are virgins on their wedding nights, so if this is what you want or do not want, this needs to be communicated with your Chinese girl possibly even while she is still in the Chinese girl video chat status.asian girls