Online Sexting: Rules You Should Never Ignore

Are you one of the many singles searching online for Asian girls? Maybe you have met one of the many Chinese beautiful women, and have learned how to get a Chinese girlfriend. Whether she is young or one of the many beautiful, mature Chinese women, you are sure to want to get to know each other and get friendly. But what if she is in a different part of the world? How can you still have a sexy good time? One popular answer is sexting. It can be a great way keep the romance alive with your girl, even if she is thousands of miles away.

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In the age of the internet, though, sexting can come with it’s own set of dangers. It is important to realize that you might be compromising your privacy and security. However, there are ways to minimize the danger, and make your online sexting sessions safer. Here are rules you should never ignore when sexting:

Rule #1: Know You Can Trust Her

This might seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many people text someone they don’t yet trust or even know well. If you can’t trust your funny Chinese girl to keep your pictures and texts confidential, if you aren’t sure whether she is the kind of person to show them to her friends or upload them to the internet, then avoid sexting with her until you are sure. Take some time to get to know her and see if you can trust her before starting to sext with her.

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Rule #2: Never Use Real Names

What would happen if someone hacked your account or found your name in her contacts? If you each use names other than your actual names (and even add a contact in your phones for each others’ assumed name), you can minimize the damage that might be done if word were to get out. Along these lines, you might also assign code names for various naughty acts, so the explicitness of your texts will not be as obvious if they are discovered.

Rule #3: Avoid Showing Your Face or Background Details

Yes, your sext is meant just for her, and it shouldn’t matter if she sees your face or recognizes your living room wall in the background, but sometimes it does. If somehow pictures get in the wrong hands, it is important that they do not contain anything that can identify you. This is just as important for her as for you. There are many people looking for pictures of beautiful Chinese girls and images of beautiful Chinese women, and will do almost anything (including hacking private conversations) to get them. Also, whenever sending images or pictures, remember to delete the pictures from your device when you are done.

Rule #4: Be Careful Where and When You Sext

If you are at a party and missing your cute, sexy Chinese girl, it might be tempting to start sexting after a few drinks. Avoid this temptation, though. Drinking lowers your inhibitions and impairs your judgment. Also, avoid sexting at work. Even if you have the coolest boss, your organization probably has acceptable use policies. Violating them can get you in some very hot water, including possibly being fired.

Rule #5: Keep Your Devices and Connections Secure

Make sure to only use your own devices (that you keep in your possession at all times) and make sure they are secure. This may not always keep someone from hacking your device, but if you use another person’s phone, or leave your tablet somewhere, you are inviting trouble. You might also look for apps made just for sexting, which have better security and are separate from common apps (like social networking), so can also be harder to access. Even on a special app, though, follow the other rules above to be safe.

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