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Outlook for Russian Dating 2018: Dating Apps Are Still a Thing, But It’s Different Now

Most trends evolve and take a new shape over time.

But that’s not the case with Russian dating, the phenomenon that still draws large crowds of men and women around the world looking for casual relationships, one-night stands, long-term relationships and marriage.

Just like in 2017 (and several years before that), the dating app from online dating giant CharmDate will continue to bring together hot young Russian girls and men of all ages from all around the world.

Although dating apps and websites that help find Russian women online will continue to grow in 2018, dating experts predict new exciting trends on the landscape of Russian dating.

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More love, less lust in 2018

It appears that women and men on Russian dating site CharmDate are becoming more relationship-oriented, as the phenomenon of online dating is evolving from its infamous “only for hook-ups and one night stands” status to a more family-friendly status.

That’s because, well, all good things come to an end. Things that used to be exciting no longer excite us after a while. So it’s only natural to seek out serious and committed relationships after a few years (or months) of casual dating.

The dating pool is now attracting more relationship-oriented men who look through images of Russian girls not only to score a one-night hook-up date, but to find a life partner, get married, have children and live happily ever after.

But if you chat Russian online only for casual dating, don’t worry: you can still find a Russian sexy lady that doesn’t mind spending “no-strings-attached” time with a stranger.

New features on online dating sites

Online dating giants like CharmDate will continue to introduce new features that make it easier for singles to find dates through chatting, videos chats, events and other both virtual and real-time interactions. So you may want to stay tuned in 2018.

Just a few years ago, you had to overcome your fear and approach hot young Russian girls walking down the street or at a bar, throw around some pick-up lines, and hope that (a) she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and (b) you didn’t mess up by stuttering, mumbling nonsense, or being visibly overly excited to be talking to a hot lady!Russian dating site

In a nutshell, dating used to be quite scary, painful and oftentimes messed up! But fast forward to the present…

Today, you can browse through hundreds of pictures of Russian girls – all of them are guaranteed to be single – find the hottest one, chat with her, and if it goes smoothly and you fancy one another, you go on a date, and you take it from here in any direction you want.

New trends on the landscape of Russian dating

images of Russian girls

Although we’re likely to see some new trends in the dating world – to join the likes of ghosting, benching, haunting, bread-crumbing, and all other dating terms that are floating around – online dating in 2018 could also bring new positive trends and terms.

After all, online dating is all about helping people from all around the globe to connect, to fall in love, and possibly, start a family.

Things like video dating and group dating could become super popular in 2018, as both offer more transparency to finding potential partners and allow people to choose dates easier, faster and more confidently.

People are tired of the brainless swiping left-or-right that gives you ABSOLUTELY zero idea of what the person is like in a romantic relationship (think: communication skills, honesty, passion and all other vital elements that matter the most in a relationship).

CharmDate, the world’s most popular Russian dating site that allows men from all around the globe to meet Russian women online, already offers its members to have video chats on its platform.