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Philippines Dating, Why Does it Take a Whole Month for the First Day after an App Crush?

Philippines dating is something that more and more men are looking for when fine-tuning the filters of dating websites. It seems as the mix of the Japanese eyes and the color in their skin is inviting. Moreover, the delicate manners and self-caring these women are known for has become famous and a big attraction for most males. Once they have a crush online, how long does it take until they go on the first date and get to know each other in real life? Read on and find out why men are not dating Philippine women fast enough.

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Online dating women

It has become a trend in a world of busy people to break the old “going to the bar” thing and going online to search for a perfect couple. Most men have a profile in several of these apps and sites whether they are active on their search or not. With some tuning filters, the search can be narrowed for age, nationality and interests. This quality makes crushes more likely to be a deeper connection than just a good-looking woman with a handsome man. According to a recent survey, though, men are taking up to a month before transcending the online barrier and getting to know their crush.

The survey conducted on 1,045 men between February and March of 2019 shed some light about this phenomenon. According to the survey results:

  • The same day – Only 19% of the surveyed men asks their crush out on the first day.
  • The first week –Also, only 18% of these men schedule that first date within the first day of chatting.
  • The second week –Even less men, 14%, ask the woman they have a crush with the week after they started chatting.
  • Within the first month –This is, strangely, the highest percentage of men. Although they might find great matches at good online dating sites, they might take up to a month to ask her out.

These numbers about how long it takes for men to make the first move says a lot about how philippine women seeking american men might get tired of just talking with their crush and move on to the next. This is the worst ending to a love story that never started, to lose interest and just move on to the next proposition.

Philipino girls

Consequences of not asking Philippine girls out soon enough

With the amount of attention that Philipino girls get on the online, they are getting complements and propositions all the time. Let´s just think for a minute that they choose you because you are more interesting, handsome and attractive than other men on the site. What are you showing them by not making a move early enough?

Bold men are more attractive

For women all over the world and Philippine in particular, a bold man is a strong man and becomes more interesting. International dating chat might be great to get to know who you are going to meet and what to expect from her but can only get you that far. If you don´t ask her out in early enough, she can think that you are not that interested in meeting her or that you don´t like her. It is important to show how bold you are and how much you like her by scheduling a date as soon as you can. Keeping Philippine girls waiting for your initial move is a recipe for disaster.

The time factor

As time goes by, you will find that the conversation changes a bit with your Philippine crush. At first, you are going to base your interaction largely on each other´s online dating profile, but with time you will move to other topics. The more topics you get on while texting might mean the less to talk when you meet each other in person. If you happen to have all the magic moments happening when you are not looking at each other´s eyes, then you might be ruining a perfect start. The time factor plays a huge role in success, don´t overlook it.

Out of the phone, into reality

The longer you are on her phone and not on her life, the more chances you have of not being with her at all. Virtually meeting Philippine singles is great, but doesn´t mean you are going to have anything to do with her really if you don´t break that barrier. While you are on her phone, you are just an amusement, a face, a set of pictures and interests, but when you have your first date, you become a perfume, a way of dressing, a laugh and a good (or bad companion). Not taking the step because you are afraid of failing is to betray the reasons you created your profile in the first place.


Philippine women are waiting for strong, bold men who will ask them out and make them feel great. If you are up for that, don´t let time go by and take advantage of 2019 technology. Find your perfect Philippine date online today!