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Playing mind games may lead to disaster when dating Colombian girls

This blog is addressed to those men who are romantic in nature and who love to date Colombian girls, particularly in Medellin, Colombia.

When things do not progress in a date as you would want them to, playing mind games with someone new in your life will perhaps invite nothing but disaster. You have to remember that the world of dating is similar to stepping on an emotional minefield. Wrong steps may blow the whole relationship away. People have this misconception that mind games when played during dating could be translated as fun and they may often add a little creativity to love life; yet, most mind games will wreck the intensity of a relationship. For example, you cannot nag or be over-possessive when dating a 21 year old woman. If you double text her, she will simply ignore you; she would have answered the first message if she had actually wanted to reply to you. So, avoid playing the game of coming across as an over eager lover.

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Be honest and true to yourself and the love in your life


When it comes to dating anyone, the simplest and sure shot formula to success is to be straightforward in your relationship. It is always safer to be honest and true to yourself and the one you are dating. You could be dating hot American women, Colombian girls, Latin beautiful girls or Medellin hot girls. A woman seeking man is sensitive and would get jealous of other girls if you start paying attention to anyone else while you are with her. It would spoil your relationship if you do not be sensitive to her needs and her commitment to you. This rule applies to everything in love, ranging from a casual hookup to a really serious bout of dating.

Avoid playing these mind games

Regardless of a case of women searching men or men searching women, there are certain kinds of mind games that you will have to avoid, particularly when you want to romance Latina Medellin. Here are some of these games –

  • Do not flaunt her in public – The first mind game is to flaunt her in public and announce her as your conquest among your friends and peers.
  • Do not be a sociopath lover – No Colombian womanwould like to fall in love with a sociopath whose frame of minds leads him to believe that he has to want what he cannot have. This is a type of syndrome where you act desperate to talk to someone when that person is trying to block you.
  • Do not force yourself on her – If your date is uncomfortable of showing affection in public, do not force yourself upon her and begin kissing her in public areas. You cannot pursue hard on your dates. You have to curb your desperate anxiety to win over a woman, badly.
  • You cannot be a serial dater – Do not be overwhelmed when you look at Colombia women pics and think that there are many women out there who would probably find you a better `fit’ for them. You cannot jump from one relationship to another just because your mind feels that there are many waiting out there for you to date. You cannot dream of success when you have to juggle a woman every week. You cannot date someone on Mondays and Thursdays and another on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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  • Do not play the silent treatment game – Women do not like to be ignored as it leads them to feel helpless. You cannot give your date rapt attention one day and then act `I am busy’ on the next. You may lose your date altogether and your love life will come to a standstill as she may feel that it is time to leave and that she has overstayed her welcome. You cannot drive a woman crazy by flirting with her for few nights and then ditch them to talk to other girls elsewhere.

If you want bliss in your dating life, have faith in your own ability to remain truthful and honest to yourself and to the love in your life. There is nothing to be afraid of being committed. Do not have the paranoia of worrying about getting tied down and do not feel that simply because you are committed to your date, you are likely to miss out on some other hot date somewhere else. Playing mind games would not be health at all to your love life.

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