Post-Divorce Dating: Are you ready for a beautiful Chinese girl?

Choosing the right time to date a beautiful Chinese girl after a divorce is not easy and you need to make sure you’re emotionally ready.  Divorces are one of the most harrowing personal experiences that a man can go through.  The fact that you married a person is a clear indication that you believed you had found a love that would stand the tests of time.  For whatever reason, things did not go according to plan and you find yourself available once again.  However, jumping right back into dating is not easy.  Chinese women have often said that their worst dates have been with men that still weren’t over their divorce yet.  This article looks at strategies to make sure that you are over your divorce and ready to mingle with sexy beautiful Chinese girls.

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There is no exact time frame

Everyone deals with emotional trauma differently and it’s impossible to give a definitive length of time that one should wait after a divorce before they’re ready to dive back in. Chinese women dating culture requires men to be honorable chaperone and enjoyable company.  This cannot happen if you’re still emotionally unstable and not completely over your ex-wife.  If you’re still feeling depressed about the split, then don’t try to use dates as an escape because it’s not fair on the person you’ve dragged along for the ride.  When the date goes badly you’ll just end up feeling even worse.  You need to process your emotions first.

When you’re ready you’ll know

When you’ve fully moved on from your divorce it will be easy to tell because your entire perspective of the world will change.  Immediately after a divorce it’s totally natural to feel depressed and, therefore, have very little interest in other women.  When you’ve dealt with your heartbreak maturely you’ll begin showing interest in women again.  Perhaps you begin looking at photos of beautiful Chinese women online or wandering the best places for where to meet Chinese girls.  This shows that you’re starting to develop desire again.  This is a very good sign and an indication that you’re ready to start dating.

Getting used to online dating

beautiful Chinese girlsMany people exiting a divorce after a long marriage will be faced with the prospect of online Chinese dating for the first time.  It can be extremely daunting initially but after meeting and chatting with a few friendly people it won’t take long to get the hang of.  Making sure that your profile is appealing is one of the hardest things to get right.  Try to get some close friends who are used to the world of online dating to help you out with this.  It’s impossible to meet a great girl if your profile doesn’t attract the right people.


There are only two questions you need to ask yourself now: are you ready to start dating again after your divorce? And, do you like Chinese Women?  If the answers to both those questions are yes, then give yourself a pat on the back. It’s certainly not easy to make such an emotional recovery after your entire life has been left in tatters. It takes great courage and determination to try and get your life back on track.  Furthermore, don’t be disheartened if your first few encounters aren’t entirely successful.  You wouldn’t expect to be able to exercise at full capacity if you haven’t done it for 20 years and the same thing goes for dating.  The whole process will take some warming up but stick with it and make sure you’re learning every step of the way.  The rest of your life is there for the taking, don’t be afraid to seize it with both hands.