Practical steps to boost your confidence before and when talking to girls

If you have ever being in the position where you are unsure of what to say when talking to Chinese girls, you are not alone. There are several men out there who go dumbfounded in front of their ladies. The major cause of this blanking out has been attributed to shyness.

sexy-girl-chineseThis shyness has been a long standing hindrance that has left many men, particularly foreigners, to keep asking where to meet Chinese girls. The growth of the internet and the proliferation of dating sites have been a great relief to them because they hide behind the shadow of their computer to talk to anonymous girls – a feat they cannot achieve in real life.

So, to boost your confidence that will guarantee ease of communication between you and sexy girl Chinese, you have to work on your shyness and below are practical steps to guide you all the way.

Dress to be comfortable

There are men who find Chinese girls intimidating because of sometimes the way they dress or because of their goddess-like beauty. In a bid to impress or match their dressing standard, they put on clothes that they are not comfortable in. Soon, they will begin to feel awkward in it and because their comfort is faulty, their self-esteem will be dented. So the first rule to confident communication is to dress comfortably.

Rehearse what you want to say

Whether you are dating offline or through free Chinese date sites, this rule applies to you. When you are clueless on what to say, you may end up turning what should be an interactive session to an interview; unconsciously, it will begin to sound like a question and answer segment of a debate. This is one of the greatest turnoff to any China lady dating a foreigner. To avoid this, it is best to write down what you want to say beforehand and rehearse them so that they stick in your subconscious.

Get information on her favorite topic

Every Chinese lady has a topic they are excited about and when you date with Chinese girl, her beloved topic should be the first thing you should be eager to find out. This is probably the best answer to give to anyone still asking how to date Chinese girls. When you know her favorite topic (for example, you find out that she loves soccer), the next step is to get as much information on the topic as you can particularly the most recent ones (in this case, soccer). Instead of making your dating time a question and answer segment, you can make it a moment to talk about recent happenings on her area of interest.

Take her to places you are comfortable being

find-chinese-girlsFor shy people, a place that has a crowd of people usually spike their shyness. A place that is quiet with everyone minding their business is a better option for them. Don’t try to over impress your sexy Chinese girl by taking her to the happening events and end up making a mess of your date. At other times, there are places you would go that will steal her attention making it totally difficult to initiate a conversation with her. Instead, take her to a place that you will be comfortable to initiate a conversation with her.

This list is not an exhaustive one. There are other ways to improve your confidence like identifying what makes you shy in the first place and focusing more on her during a conversation. However, the ones mentioned above should give you a head start if you practice them.