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Red Flags First Date You Should Know ASAP

It’s easy to have high expectations for a first date. Maybe you’ve met a China sexy lady on a China dating website and think she could be the one. You’ve picked her out from a Chinese women pic and hope you will be one of the many lucky guys with Asian brides. In reality, though, lots of first dates are only memorable because they are total fails. How do you know before you go too far that your date with this woman of China will not be a disaster? Luckily, there are ways to tell your first date is going south soon enough to avoid too much carnage.

Chinese women picHere are some of the most obvious red flags:

#1: Preoccupied
If you go to a sports bar and she immediately starts watching TV and ignoring you, if she takes you to her favorite pool hall (without asking if you like pool) and gets so immersed in the game she forgets you are there, if she drags you to her favorite hangout and spends more time talking to her friends than paying attention to you, she’s way too preoccupied and her priorities are too messed up for this date to have a good outcome. Leave as soon as you can.

#2: It’s All About her
You’re having coffee at the local Starbucks and somehow the conversation keeps coming around to her. You know her best friend’s name, what she studied in college, what pets she has, and her opinions on current events, but you still haven’t had a chance to get a word in edgewise. She might be one of the sexy Chinese women you hope to find on Chinese women dating sites, but if she keeps going on like this it will be a long night!

#3: Too Demanding
You’re out at a restaurant and she makes more special demands on her order than you or the waiter can follow. Her food comes out, seemingly up to expectations, but still she finds the meat too dry, or the vegetables too mushy. If she has this many demands for her dinner, just think what she expects from her partner. Life’s too short to get stuck with someone who expects you to cater to her every whim. Get out while you still can.

#4: Miss Negativity
single and searching ladiesThe entire date is a diatribe about how much she hates her mother, her roommates, her ex-boyfriend, or some other thing, putting out enough negativity to choke you to death.  She may have seemed at first like any other of the many single and searching ladies, but now you know better. Slip out as soon as possible and let at least this one of the single and searching women search alone.

#5: Phone Focused
The entire date she pays more attention on her phone than on you. You don’t know whether she is browsing Instagram, texting to her friends, or commenting on your date 140 characters at a time on Twitter. In any case, this is a good indication she won’t be all there on future dates either. Get the check and get out while you can. If you are lucky, she will be too busy with the phone to even notice the date is over.

#6: Too Eager To Please
Does she spend the whole date asking if you are too hot or too cold, if your drink is OK, if she can get you anything else? If she is too eager to please, it could be an indication of low self-esteem. This could come back to bite you if you things go past this first date.