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Signs that You’re Meant to Be Alone… Always

The idea of living all alone for the rest of your life must have crossed your mind once or twice.

It was either a messy breakup or divorce, or simply you overwhelmed with issues in your relationship.

In fact, you’ve probably seen one of the many “forever alone” memes and thought to yourself, “isn’t that about me?

If you’re saying “i want a Chinese girl,” make sure you pass the “I do REALLY need someone in my life” test before you go looking for a Chinese girlfriend.i want a Chinese girl

After all, this could save your time, nerves and money.

Although we – humans – have evolved to be living in a society, to pair up with other people and to give birth to new people, everyone is different. Some people are just meant to be alone.

There are … signs to know if you don’t need to be looking for Chinese girlfriend and will be just fine alone for the rest of your life.

You’re Lazy to Put an Effort

Look, it’s normal to be lazy from time to time, but if you’re feeling chronically lazy to put an effort to make things work, you might be better off alone.

Either that, or you’re simply dating the wrong person.

However, if you’ve encountered the laziness to do anything to impress your hot Chinese girl – be it surprise her, give gifts, take her on dates, compliment her – more than once in your previous relationships, it’s a bad sign.

When you start falling in love, you tend to do all kinds of things to impress Chinese women and let them now that you love them. But after a while, the laziness takes over, and you no longer want to do anything to prove your love.

hot Chinese girl photoSpeaking of love

Saying ‘I Love You’ Becomes Trivial

There are a lot of men that tend to start saying “I love you” to their significant one less frequently after a while, or feeling as if it’s ‘unnecessary’ to say the three words over and over again.

Although it doesn’t mean that all of those men should be forever alone, it’s a worrying sign that you might be a loner.

If you’re dating a hot Chinese girl and you no longer feel the love you were willing to drown in just months ago, you might be better off living alone.

Either that or you’re simply dating not the one. How to know for sure? If this has happened to you with multiple good looking Chinese girls in your previous relationships, you’re probably a loner after all.

You Can’t See the Future With Anyone

If you can’t see the future when dating traditional Chinese girls and you know that there are no major deal breakers about her (e.g. she’s perfect and any other guy would give anything to be dating her), this is probably because you see no future being with anyone.

This happens because your true, inner self is rejecting the idea of you being with another person for any longer. This is reason enough to break up now instead of pointlessly dragging on a beheaded relationship.

You’ve Always Enjoyed Loneliness

hot Chinese girlSome of us can’t stand the mere thought of being with someone. It’s either because we’ve grown up alone or because we were cut off from society at some point of our life.

You may be wondering how to get a Chinese girl, but deep down you have doubts if things will work out given your lonely past. Does it sound like you?

Then you probably don’t need anyone to live your life. You can’t have a happy relationship when seeing your partner as a constant obstacle to your loneliness.

Sure, you’re enjoying your alone time (and it’s only natural even for non-loners to hole up and be all by themselves every once in a while), but if you like your loneliness way more than spending time with your significant one, then you’re most likely meant to be alone.

You Hate Chaos

If you like it when your life is organized and predictable, living with a hot Chinese girl may not be the best option for you.

When you get into a serious relationship with some sexy Chinese girl pictures you stumbled across on an online dating website, keep in mind that you’ll have to always work around their schedule.

Not to mention that you’ll have to spend time with her parents, relatives and friends. Not to mention that you’ll never know when your significant one will want to go out with you, go on a vacation with you and do other things that bring interruption in your schedule.

If you start freaking out just by imagining it, then you should probably stay alone and enjoy your chaos-free schedule.

You Never Want to Compromise

hot Chinese girl photoA healthy relationship cannot be built without the two partners compromising to find common ground.

If compromising comes difficult for you – and you know that you’ll always stand your ground no matter what – then being with someone for long periods of time will be a daunting task for you.

You’re a Control Freak

When you see hot Chinese girl photo, you want to have her. You want to be in control. Being in control has its perks, but it also has its disadvantages.

If you want to be in control of your relationship 100% of the time, then it’s fair to say that such a relationship won’t work in the long term. If you tend to be a control freak, you’re probably meant to be alone.

Either that, or keep on dating multiple women to see if any of them will be fine with dating a control freak.