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Single Russian Brides Reveal What Online Moves Secretly Destroy Your Dateability

In the world when meeting Russian brides is limited to just a few clicks and a few online messages, finding a Russian woman seems like shooting fish in a barrel.

And yet, most guys still manage to mess this up.

If you spend more time looking at Russian girls pictures than chatting with the most beautiful Russian women online, chances are you’re doing something wrong.Russian woman

Today, we have interviewed single Russian women from the best Russian dating sites to reveal what online dating moves are harming your dateability (and you didn’t even suspect those to be the culprits!).

Poor grammar

I’m no English language teacher, but when a guy whose native language is English sucks at grammar more than I do (I’m Russian though), it’s a major red flag,” Natasha, 25.

Well, looks like even when dating a Russian girl you won’t get away with poor grammar online. But seriously, let us explain.

It’s not that a hot Russian woman automatically becomes the most ruthless English teacher when she creates an online dating profile, it’s just that poor grammar is a big turn off and deal breaker for any woman.

You see, no woman wants to be dating a guy who is (a) uneducated or unintelligent, (b) childish enough to be using poor grammar and slang words on purpose, (c) simply shooting messages out without bothering to double check them before sending.


 most beautiful Russian womenTaking selfies is a girly thing. Deal with it. I don’t want to be dating a guy who even thinks for a second that spending 30 minutes in the bathroom posing for the picture-perfect selfie is acceptable. Ugh,” Margarita, 20.

In most Russian girls photos on the best Russian dating sites, you’ll probably see selfies. And it works for them. Even the hottest Russian woman can look even sexier on a selfie. That’s a fact proven by numerous studies.

But there’s a major double-standard situation surrounding selfies, as men who use selfies on their profiles actually get fewer messages than those who have professional photos.

Think about it this way: a Russian girl photo selfie is like a photo in a bikini. Would a man look good in a bikini? (well, some do, but that’s clearly not the kind of photo you want to be plastered on your online dating profile!).

Group photos and shirtless pics are also a no-no, according to Russian brides.


I’m probably not going to say ‘yes’ to a guy who invites me to grab a bite or drinks in his first message. Like… uh… Talk to me first? What if you don’t like my personality?” Olya, 29.

Most dudes on dating websites downplay the importance of chatting with Russian woman online. Instead, they think that just because they like a Russian girl photo, it can be reason enough to skip the formalities and jump straight into a bed together.

But statistics shows that first messages that mention first date, dinner, or grabbing drinks actually get 30% fewer messages that those who take their time to get to know the lady first.

So, talk first, invite later.

dating a Russian girl

Using cliché dating phrases

I’m a nice guy and easy going guy. I’m all about committed relationships. I’m a white knight looking for my princess… Seriously? My BS-meter goes through the roof with guys who use cliché dating phrases,” Anna, 30.

Guys who use cliché dating phrases are creating a recipe for disaster. The thing is: nobody really believes in those anymore, so when you include them in your dating profile, most beautiful Russian women just roll their eyes and close your profile.

Take a hint: “I love traveling” and “My friends say I’m (insert list of adjectives). “How awesome you are” are becoming cliché dating phrases in 2018. Avoid those.

Unoriginal messages

I can definitely tell when a guy is interested in me just by looking at his first message. If it’s a plain “Hi” or emoji or an obviously copy-and-pasted message, he has most likely sent it out to loads of other girls. Lazy dudes aren’t getting a response from me,” Ksyusha, 21.

Did you know that guys who don’t personalize their first messages for every hot Russian woman are ignored 90% of the times? Well, now you do.

Copy and pasting the same message to multiple women hoping to score big actually does quite the opposite. It may make sense to send the same message to a bunch of girls to save your time, but your chances of getting a response are looking grim.

Make sure you take your time to personalize message for every Russian woman (nobody said that online dating means that you don’t have to put at least a tiny bit of effort into dating!).charmdate