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So you’re having some success dating Chinese women through online dating sites–are you ready to try your game out in the real world?

If you’re anything like me, you have long had a fascination with hot Chinese girls. I don’t know what it is exactly, their lustrous, black beautiful hair, their soft, precious skin. All I know is I can’t get enough of them! I find myself online at all hours of the day and night scanning through profile after profile on a dozen or more Asian bride websites where I have profiles posted.

Chinese marriageAnd don’t get me wrong–I do very well for myself with my online dating! I’ve had tremendous success meeting hot Asian girls for chat and also for real-world dates. But if you’re like me, you want to take everything to the next level. If I’ve had some success dating girls I meet online, why not try to meet some in real life too?
The thing is, if you’ve done your research like I have, you realize that in traditional Chinese culture, women are treated very differently than, say, in the United States. This is not meant to be a value judgment or to sound racist or anything. But the truth is the notion of traditional Chinese marriage is still widely thought of as a very necessary component of life in Chinese society.

But never fear, intrepid daters of Chinese women! This seeming set-back can actually be viewed as a plus, if you look at it the right way.

While online dating should absolutely be the focus of your dating repertoire–it’s just so low-investment for the amazing returns you get on it–you can also benefit from this cultural desire for more traditional and marriage-oriented dating. What I mean is that there are going to be girls out there who aren’t comfortable with posting their information online. (Their loss!)

So where are you going to meet these hold-outs from the 21st century?

  • Chinese womenWork events and conferences – And I don’t necessarily mean work at them as in change your profession and become a bartender or server or get a job in a hotel. No, what I mean is, no matter where you live, in Peoria or Peking, there is a constant churn of conferences and events: reunions, meet-ups, business conferences. Keep your eyes on the local paper and make yourself available if you come across one that sounds promising! If you’re going out anyway on a Friday night, what’s wrong with the hitting a hotel bar where there’s an Asian-American conference or meet-up of some sort? Who knows what could happen?
  • Go out when you are invited – This seems like such a no-brainer, but really it needs to be said. I’ve lived overseas in several places and ex-pats like me always complain about how hard it is to meet locals. But if you are busy every time someone asks you to go out, they’re going to stop asking! Yes yes yes should be your mantra if you are about meeting new people!
  • Cultural events – Another no-brainer, but this is one you should really work on. If there is any kind of Asian-American community in your area, make yourself available when they host cultural events. Attend celebrations, check out concerts, see plays put on by the Chinese community in your area. You can’t meet anyone off-line if you stay home!
  • Befriend Asian co-workers – Much like my experience with being an ex-pat overseas, you may very well find that people from similar backgrounds tend to hang together when they are in a new place. You might be surprised at how one friendship with an Asian person can blossom into many more!

And my final tip for meeting Asian people in real life:

  • Move to Asia – What are you waiting for?

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