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So you’re thinking about pursuing a Chinese bride: here are seven things you need to know!

I hate to say it, and I don’t think this is racist, but I just prefer to spend my time with girls from China over American girls. I can’t help it! American girls are just so shallow. They’re usually jaded and bored with everything. There’s nothing to talk about.

So maybe you’re like me and a lot of guys out there these days: you’ve dipped your toes in the beautiful, serene waters of dating Chinese girls. Or maybe you’ve only seen the ads for opportunities to date the hottest Chinese women and you are just dreaming about getting yourself a Chinese girlfriend. Either way, we’ve got you covered with these 7 essential tips to successfully finding your very own China girl to call your own.

As you probably already know, or may be able to guess, there are going to be some cultural differences to overcome. China is a culture steeped in traditions that are thousands of years old. And the internet has been around for only a few decades. So guess what? Not all single Chinese women are comfortable seeking out a mate online. Or if they do gather the courage to take the plunge and post a profile online, you are going to have to be patient with them.

These girls you want to date? They are likely to come from a tradition that is very conservative. When it comes to relationships, their mothers–and their mothers, and their mothers’ mothers’ mothers–and so on back to a time before Rome was a glint in Caesar’s eye have not been the pursuers of men for love or marriage. Traditional Chinese women have always been the object of pursuit. And oftentimes, that was a long, drawn-out pursuit. So don’t expect results immediately

single Chinese women

But you know what? Speaking from experience, I can tell you that your patience will often be rewarded with some of the most beautiful, sexy, amazing women, women who are among the most loyal and devoted wives in the world.

So patience is tip number one and it is probably the most important. Keep that in mind above all else as you pursue your beautiful china girl.

  • be aware of the cultural challenges. We’ve already talked about this, and we all know that part of what attracts us to Chinese girls is those very differences. However you should really be aware of just how very different things can be. So,
  • do your research Is her father in business? What kind? How religious is her family? How conservative? Ask lots of questions! Get on the internet and research traditional Chinese values before you ever go on your first date, just so you know what to expect. Speaking of knowing what to expect…
  • know her educational level As we’ve said, things are very different over there! be prepared to adjust! And this should go without saying, but…
  • know her language skills So after you chat online for a while, you should have a pretty good handle on this. A great way to find out how comfortable she is with speaking out loud is to compliment her on her written English skills as you chat. And it shouldn’t be hard to do–after all, do you speak Chinese? No, right? Then she’s doing better than you at being bilingual, champ. Let her know!
  • Know what she’s looking for in a foreign man If she’s looking for a Daddy Warbucks and you’re more of a Papa Roach, well. Trouble!
  • Be careful out there Finally, use common sense when you’re meeting a Chinese girl for the first time! This should go without saying, lads.

Best of luck, and happy hunting!

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