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Some of the funniest online dating experiences

Online dating is all the rage these days. Almost everyone you across has a Tinder profile or is on OKCupid which is also a popular dating app. While online dating has its pros and cons, no one can deny that it is the single most efficient way of finding a date. Earlier on, dating was different and initiated by a rather prolonged process, where else, nowadays, one can find a date within minutes. Whether it is Facebook or Tinder, all it takes is one friend request and a right swipe to get a conversation started.

There are a lot of people who meet on social networks or dating apps, and hit it off. Some have even solidified their relationships and taken it to the next level by getting married. It cannot be denied that online dating comes with great benefits and has made things infinitely simpler. These dating platforms have not only made it possible for people in the same vicinity to connect with each other easily but also promoted cross cultural relationships and interactions between different communities.

dating Chinese girlsYou will see that a number of American men have taken to dating Chinese girls. Many say that the primary reason behind this is the rich culture in their region and the allure of Asian girls. American men have always found Chinese women exotic and mysterious, which has added to their appeal even more.

China women dating have been majorly facilitated by online dating platforms. You may already know that the internet access in China is restricted and not that freely availed. However, it is still possible to find Chinese women online. You can try out a Chinese dating site or get QQ, which is popularly used as a messenger in China.

Other than that, there are also certain social networks where people connect with each other easily. Despite restricted access, China dating is not difficult. Finding a Chinese woman in your own country or in China itself is not a challenging task anymore.

All thanks to online dating, which has contributed so greatly to bringing people closer than ever.

Just remember that while online dating has lot of pros and is highly efficient, it comes with its own perils. Not all the people who have tried it had success in their dating experience. There quite a few horror stories related to online dating gone wrong. Many of them are very amusing too.

Here are some of the funniest online dating stories that people have narrated:

-This one date on OKCupid met a disastrous end when one of the partners turned out to be a gun wielding, sword lover who decided to demonstrate his skills to his terrified partner at the end of the date.

-Another date turned into a hide and seek game by the end when one of the partners found out that their date was a married woman whose husband was a police officer, and could crash their meeting anytime looking for his wife.

-One date ended abruptly when one of the two people who met on OKCupid turned out to be the only daughter of an Army Chief.

-These two people who met on an online dating platform did not survive past the first date when the girl became suddenly very violent and ended up damaging the man’s eardrum permanently.

-Perhaps the funnies dating story has to be this one. The two people met on OKCupid and agreed on a date at a nearby bar. The man got the shock of his life when the girl turned out to be almost eight months pregnant. He ended it on a polite note and walked away, however, she seemed interested as she messaged him the next morning asking for some money.

sexy Chinese wifeThese were just a few amusing stories that depict how online dating can go wrong. This is why you have to be very careful, especially, if you are looking to date someone from another country or ethnicity. Do not go for someone based on their picture. You may find many appealing pictures of beautiful Chinese women, but you have to make sure that they are the right person for you before proceeding any further. A lot of people have been lured into a scam or a fraud by a Chinese beautiful girl photo, hence, it is integral to take the necessary precautions. Once you have done that, you can go right ahead and swipe right, maybe it even leads to you finding a very sexy Chinese wife someday.