The many ways you can make a lady to like you

Assuming you meet single women in China who have all the qualities you desire from a woman; funny, attractive, witty, with a mind-blowing smile that rocks your world, then the next thought on your mind would probably be to get her in your arms. But how will you know if she likes you or not? This question is one of the many problems that plague the mind of men when they encounter women they have a crush on. It feels terrible when a guy loves Chinese girls and tries to impress them only to end up scaring them away indefinitely or have her put him in the uncomfortable friend zone.

loves-chinese-girlsThere are many steps you can take to make sure that does not happen and the first of them is to catch her attention. Young Chinese girls usually have a lot going through their mind – from the thoughts of socializing to breaking free from the queer tradition – that they may not always notice your presence even with their eyes wide open and looking towards your direction.

As you walk down to the beauty China girl, you have to slow down your pace and elevate your shoulder slightly in a way that makes you look confident. If there is one thing that Chinese girls find hard to cope with, it is the idea of a groveling man because according to Chinese tradition, the man is supposed to take care of the woman and protect her at all time. How can you achieve this if you are timid? Confidence is always attractive to Chinese ladies.

If she is looking in your direction, maintain eye contact as you walk towards her and don’t forget to wear a good calm smile because that will easily catch her attention but don’t overdo any of these or she may think that you are just being proud. To really impress single women in China, you need to have a talent or skill. If you can sing, write, draw or good with any musical instrument she would be really impressed and you would not need to work so hard to impress her anymore. Skills or talents are very attractive to Chinese women.

The next step you have to take when you find Chinese girl that have been captured by your charm in the first steps above is to take her naturally into a discussion. Let it happen so naturally that she will not have to feel like she is being interrogated by a high chief police officer or bragging. Look for the right time to slide into a conversation and do this as casual as you can. A Chinese dating woman would like to brag about your boldness and deep voice to her friends so do your best to keep your voice steady without undue quivering as this will also show confidence.

young-chinese-girlsIf you know Chinese or mandarin – even the smallest bit of it – do not be afraid to flaunt it – only that you have to be sure of what you are saying. Beautiful Chinese girls like men who are serious and not those who are after a one night stand. When a man goes the extra mile to try to know her language, it is a sign of sincerity and seriousness and she will definitely begin to like you if she does not already.

On the final note, when you have succeeded in making her like you, do not relax like the trophy has been won. Give her your unwavering attention – one hundred percent of it – or you may be surprised how quickly you will lose her to the next guy lurking around the corner.