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The positive attitude attracts Asian girls: Stop the downturn and find the silver lining

Looking to meet Asian girls? If you want to win pretty Chinese girls, your best approach is to be positive, adore life and overall show desire to give love and get adventurous. If you want to be positive, you are going to have to face the challenge of overcoming the negativity in your life! That’s right! Negativity is in the eye of the observer. What are the positive things you should focus on? Take a look at a beautiful day. Appreciate the car driver who hit the brakes so that he wouldn’t run over a dog. Look at the happiness of people who are strolling around holding their children’s hands. Train your mind to think positive instead of negative!

How to achieve this, you wonder? Your first task is to:

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1. Get off social media!

If you want to meet real girls, you must get out and visit the real world. A Chinese girl shows interest in men who are bright, confident and overall optimistic. If you want to win beautiful Chinese ladies, put that iPhone down and go out. Set yourself a goal: To approach a girl and ask her to dance. Don’t take your phone out unless you think she had enough fun to want to take a selfie with you. Hot Chinese ladies primarily look for down-to-earth, confident dates who will make an unforgettably fun experience. Don’t be the one to observe other people’s happiness from a narrow window of a Facebook page!

2. Look for a silver lining

A silver lining is a piece of good you can find in an every unfortunate event. A car accident is a chance for someone to treat their drinking problem. A breakup is a chance to start over and re-invent yourself. Rejection is a chance to learn what puts off prospective dates and what the issues you should work on are.

How to impress a Chinese girl? Once you meet Chinese girls, show them that the world is not such a bad place after all. A girl will share some unfortunate events in her life hoping to see if you care and if you are sympathetic. And no, if she tells you her cat died, don’t tell her it’s good because she can now get a new, better one. Tell her that there is a silver lining in the companionship she had and the love she had received. Overall, use common sense.

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3. Look for positive people

Some people are naturally grumpy, and, though it’s not their fault, they can have a toxic effect on people around them. Don’t feel guilty about staying away from these people. It can be a wake-up call for them. Instead, look for people who have a down-to-earth, but optimistic view on life. Cherish them as friends, and look for them as dates. A downer in the corner of the dance floor might appeal to your protective side, but be certain that the instinct will wear out and you will no longer want to be with someone who needs constant cheering up.

4. Know what you want

At the end of the day, it takes two to match. Take Chinese business women, for example. They know what they want and won’t settle for less. Know what are the features you appreciate in those Chinese females you are after, and don’t settle!