how to get Chinese girlfriend

These Habits Will Actually Get You a Date [+ Brain Hack]

You can go to bars and nightclubs and learn pickup strategies all you want, but they won’t get you far unless you pick up (no pun intended) these habits.

Many men wondering how to get Chinese girlfriend oftentimes resort to following ridiculous advice about dating Chinese women – such as ‘work out and be tough’ or ‘grow a beard and be Alpha’ – but those won’t get you nowhere.

If you truly want to kick-start your dating game and get a date with sexy Chinese girls, all you need is to incorporate these foolproof, Chinese girl-magnet habits into your everyday life.

And not just incorporate them – breathe them, be them!

The Brain Hack That Makes You a Walking Chinese Girl-Magnet

sexy Chinese girlsDid you know that our brain can be tricked into thinking certain things if we keep doing something over and over again?

Think about it: how many times have you failed to approach a girl out of fear?

Or how many times have your fear suppressed your desire to chat with a Chinese girl when browsing through photos of Chinese women?

It’s time to move past that stage when you spend hours staring at pics of Chinese girls with your mouth wide-open, and actually get to the stage when you date Chinese ladies.

Because this fear is most of the times baseless, because your brain has grown used to the idea of you being scared of approaching sexy Chinese girls.

Well, how about you reverse it and use that to your own benefit. After all, if your brain can be programmed to negative things, it can be re-programmed to positive things.

In order to re-program your brain, one of the most essential things you can do is to clear your head of all self-doubtful and fearful thoughts when approaching girls.

Instead, look for thoughts such as these, “She’s wonderful, I want her to be my girlfriend,” “This will definitely be a good time!” or even “Hey, no matter how this goes, this will be a valuable encounter for my experience!”

The More Women, The Better

And we aren’t even talking about the number of sexual partners you’ve had in your life, or the number of beautiful Chinese girls photos you’ve drooled over in your life.

What we’re talking about is interacting with as many women as you can until you become comfortable enough being around them and never have to hold back your thoughts and desires due to nervousness or lack of self-esteem.

Listen, if you want to date Chinese ladies, know this: Chinese women love confident men, as cliché as it sounds.

In order to project confidence while approaching a girl, you need to mean it!

That’s why interacting with women – of all ages, religions, races, there are no boundaries – every day and every hour of your life will be the #1 habit that will get you to the point of dating a girl from China.Chinese woman dating

Voicing and Eyeing the Love Out of Women

Remember us talking about re-programming your brain into eliminating fear and making you a Chinese girl-magnet? Here’s your chance to exercise that.

In Chinese woman dating, the man with genuine confidence is usually the one who steals the hearts of Chinese women.

And what better way to gain genuine confidence than to channel the centuries-old traits of genuinely confident men?

pics of Chinese girlsThink: using your voice and eye contact. You want to be speaking slowly and quietly, yet clearly. The idea is to always convey a strong message and leave all the emotional fluff to the men that struggle to impress the ladies.

Also, make sure you take a pause before you speak, as this is a sure-fire way to project confidence.

When speaking or listening to a girl, always use eye contact. However, don’t make it too awkward by gazing into her soul as it may weird her out.

Do this: practice the way you want to look when you maintain eye contact with someone in front of the mirror. Your aim is to channel a confident man whose eye contact is not intimidating or creepy.

Be Spontaneously Self-Amused

Do you know what kind of sense of humor works on women? The one that isn’t too pushy and doesn’t involve you trying too hard to impress the lady.

This is the common mistake men make when trying to understand how to get Chinese girlfriend. They’ll memorize jokes too hard, they will try too hard when telling those jokes, but it’ll most of the times backfire.

Why is that? Because women can sense that inauthenticity . You have to actually laugh at your joke in order for it to work.

Ever wondered why spontaneous stand up comedians are much funnier than scripted comedy TV shows with that annoying fake laughter behind the camera?

That’s because comedians who tell jokes on the spot are self-amused right in that moment, which makes them more passionate about the whole thing.

I think there should be an equation for this: More passionate = more authentic = funnier. That’s as simple as that.