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Things Other Than Sex Women Count as Cheating

Many men who have tried their hand at Chinese dating can attest to the fact that Chinese women also have similar expectations from their partners like other women from different parts of the world. One of any woman’s biggest expectations is that her man will not cheat on her. She expects him to remain faithful and only have eyes for her. The sad reality is that many men cheat on their beautiful Chinese women without even realizing it. To ensure that your relationship remains strong, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the things other than sex women count as cheating. They include:

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Sexting and flirting

Many men dating Chinese girls assume that sexting and flirting are innocent acts as they do not involve physical intimacy. Woe unto you if you hold the same assumption too! Sending flirty text messages infringes on decent boundaries as it is based on the need to be desired, heard or seen by someone other than your partner.

If you are faithful to your woman, you wouldn’t feel the need to send lustful messages or exchange nude photos with someone else. While crushing on someone may be considered to be normal, making an effort to get her personal number, commenting on her statuses and liking another Chinese pretty girl photo on social media could suggest a deeper interest.

single Chinese ladiesRemaining active on dating apps

Even though you may have started off with Chinese dating online, you would be unfaithful if you remained active on the same active apps that helped you get a woman that you are now committed to. There are beatiful Chinese women out there. Maintain an online dating profile suggests that you are not contented with your current partner and that you are open to establishing a relationship with someone else. If your current partner finds out that you are still active on dating apps, chances are that she will feel offended and presume that you are cheating.

Relying on another woman for emotional comfort

Men get to use the phrase “she is just a friend” a lot and while it may be so, not many sexy beautiful Chinese girls believe it. If you and your ex are in good terms, but you still hit her up whenever you need emotional comfort, this could be taken as an act of cheating by your significant other. Experts believe that when someone chooses another person other than his partner to be his/her confidant, it could be considered to be a form of emotional cheating. In this regard, do not be surprised if you find your partner fuming with fury after realizing that you have been calling other women for emotional comfort.

Watching X-rated videos

If you are in a relationship with a Chinese young woman, it would be best if you kept your love for porn concealed. This is because majority of women feel that x-rated videos take their men out of their primary relationship and take them into a fantasy world. If your woman finds out that porn tends to get you off more than she does, then you should know that it won’t be long till your relationship faces problems.

Visiting strip clubs

Chinese young womanYou’ll be surprised to find out that many single Chinese ladies decided to remain single after they found out that their men like to entertain strippers. Come to think of it – how would you feel if you caught your woman surrounded by sexy men flaunting their manhood in her face? It would certainly make you uncomfortable, wouldn’t it? The day your woman will find out that you love it when random girls offer you lap dances, you will know then that being single is an option that she can consider too.

It’s good to note that what one woman may consider to be an act of cheating may not necessarily be considered by another to be the same. It is, therefore, important for you to discuss this matter with your partner and get to know what she considers as an act of cheating so you can avoid doing what’s wrong by her.