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Things that can make you a real catch in the eyes of Asian women

When you date Asian women, it is not enough to have a body that is well sculpted or a pretty face to get into good graces of Asian women. These women are attracted to men for some non-conventional reasons. You should know a bit about all those things that turn cute Asian girls on. They have a good eye for detail and they take pleasure in those simple quirks that they so keenly observe.

Asian women,date Asian women,So, what are those important random things that make you a real catch when you enter the world of Asian women dating and vie for their attention?

  • Maintains Good Personal Hygiene– This trait is considered universally as a definite turn-on for women, anywhere in the world. You can get to earn a woman’s favour when you know how to keep your body and your clothes clean. It is nice to present yourself as a well-groomed person. Ladies may even prefer an average looking guy over a good looking one if he keeps himself clean and takes showers, regularly. Asian singles would rather be close to a man who smells good. This should not come as a surprise to you because women are very particular on how they would like their men to smell. They would be willing to hug and kiss him, then. They like their date to smell fresh and dress well.
  • Dresses Sharply – Women swoon over a man who dresses well in the world of Asian girls dating. Clothes that are ill suited will not hit it well with Asian girls even when they have a high price tag attached to them. Girls today would like their date to have a defined sense of style and taste and a highly individual fashion sense.
  • Witty and has a sense of humour – A witty man will always be higher than a handsome man when he goes tomeet Asian women. He is more likely to win their hearts. A person who has a good sense of humour is always a big turn-on for women.
  • Knows what he has to do in life Single Asian womenlove a man who has a purpose and a passion in life. He should know exactly what is to be done and how it is to be done. Asian women do not like men with an indifferent and carefree attitude in life. They do not think such men to be worthy enough of risking their future with. These women like a person who takes control of things and is assertive. Their date has to be passionate about something in life and it does not matter what it turns out to be. It could be a simple hobby or useful social advocacy. Women do get turned on by the determination they find in their dates. They feel that such men are bound to succeed in life and that they may accomplish something good in the future.

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  • Knows how to cook and feed his date – A blonde Asian girl loves a man who would cook for her and feed her. These girls find their dates who take command even in the kitchen as a sexy lot. It turns them on to see their man donning an apron and working in the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up. Asian girls feel that if a man is good enough to share kitchen work, he would be good husband material and certainly worth keeping.

A study was done in China few years ago when women looked at a thousand people who wanted to date them, and had to rate them. They had to pair each face that was pictured with a phrase to describe that person’s personality. The bulk of the results shifted towards identification of faces that were described and selected for looking as people who were kind and honest. It is not enough to simply look at Asian women pics and think that any woman may fall for you. It is important for you to know what would turn an Asian woman on and how you could become a real catch in her eyes.